What’s with Mexico?

My readers have suggested this might work on the Mexican Border.

Make no mistake, Mexico is our problem. This is because they have made their problems ours. The Mexican criminals have a different mindset than our thugs. On our side murder is the last option and on the Mexican side it’s the first. In fact as initiation new men are asked to kill to show their loyalty.

Not on your local news:  72 dead bodies. both men and women, were discovered by Mexican Marines today on a ranch near the Texas border.  I think it’s out near where we will be working.  58 men and 14 women.  Authorities think they may be from Central America.

Normally churches are left alone in gang wars.  Not so in Mexico, they are making preachers and priests pay a protection fee. One preacher in Jaurez refused and they killed his 24-year-old brother last week.

This week some Mexican thugs came over into San Juan, Texas and kidnapped a 19 year old girl.  They smuggled her back into Mexico and then called her family for a ransom.  They wanted $30,000, but for her family they may as well have asked for $300,000,000,000. The family has no money.   Chances were the same with either amount.  Her family might could have raised $300 from the church, family and friends.  When the thugs discovered they were not going to get any money they dumped her in Mexico. She had hidden her cell phone and after they left began calling. The problem was she didn’t have a clue where she was and the US authorities didn’t dare call Mexico, because they may have ended up speaking with friends of the kidnappers. They would have killed her. She is a lucky girl, some brave American men slipped over and rescued her.

A South Texas doctor was not as lucky a few months ago.  He was kidnapped and held for a half million dollar ransom.  He didn’t have that kind of cash.  Contrary to what people think, most doctors are not rich. When he couldn’t produce the ransom he was murdered. We don’t see this in the local news, because the government doesn’t want us to be afraid.

One of the coolest cafe/bars in Mexico is closing.  It’s located across the river from Del-Rio.  The owner said Americans have stopped coming over.  I used to go because they served the best steaks to be found anywhere.  The owner is a victim of the drug war crimes. He depended on Texans to buy his food. He was too expensive for the locals. Now he is closing at the end of the month.

I’ve never been scared before when we worked cattle so close to Mexico. Frankly on this trip I’m shaking in my boots. I know if the Mexicans come over there will be trouble and there is no way I will let them harm Lex.   I know writing this if I stand up to the drug gangs and we kill a few, it will be us who are in trouble. Yet I can’t turn my back on the elderly couple who are needing and expecting our help.

Good people it’s so bad along the border Sheriff Larry Denver of Cochise County, Arizona has pulled his men away from the hot zone.  The drug gangs have his men out gunned and he can no longer risk their lives.

Mark my word, if we don’t do something soon, we will see a bloody Christmas on our side of the border this year.  If the next person the drug folks kidnap in Texas happens to be rich and they get a half million dollars then all hell is going to break loose. It’s coming and the Obama administration is doing nothing other than suing Arizona. They approved some drones, but since we can’t kill those we see from the drone it’s worthless.  We need boots on the ground…NOW.

Will and Lex     Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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