Dow Down to 9,980

Our fearless leader with a laser focus on jobs for America.

So much for the Summer of Recovery. No matter how hard the liberal press tries to spin we are in recovery, the American people are too involved in what’s happening to fall for the lies.  Look at the facts. Existing home sales are down 27%, the lowest in 15 years.  Sales of new homes are down 12.4%, the lowest it’s ever been since records were being kept.  The jobless rate is close to 10% with the real numbers being close to 17%.  1 in 10 homeowners face foreclosure.

The Democrats are no longer talking about Jobs, about the recovery or what the Stimulus has done for America. Well, no Democrats except Vice President Biden.  How can that man read the Teleprompter that says we are better off now than under President Bush?  I would get choked up on the words, because they are such lies. Biden is saying we need to spend more money. Man, has he had brain damage?

I have not seen it all but what I have seen I know there has never been a time like this in my life time.  We either never got out of the recession or we are going into a second one.  People I talk with are scared. There is so much uncertainty in their lives.  Lex and I would like to get me a new Ford pickup truck, but we are reluctant to spend the money.  I think I told you we sold her Land Rover and got her a new truck.  We wanted a matching pair but it’s just not in the stars.  In fact we are taking my old truck on the mission trip. If it gets shot up or dented that is okay, hers is brand spanking new.  It’s sorta funny, she parks her truck in the garage. There is room for both, but I’m too lazy.

Saw a note tonight that the president is upset. Seems his people called him on his vacation and wanted a conference call on the economy.  His people know America is in trouble even if he doesn’t.  Or he won’t admit it.  Several Washington insiders think Mr.Obama knows this is his only term and he is picking up all the perks he can while he is still in office.  I frankly can’t see how he can win in 2012 unless the Republicans run Dole or McCain again.  The two worst presidential candidates in history.

Still not sure what day we will leave.  We will not have a laptop with us.  Where we are going I don’t think most cell phones even get a signal. Which will probably drive Lex crazy. She talks to her mom almost everyday.

Thanks for the dozens of emails asking me to be safe.  Much Obliged…I will do my darndest to keep from getting rattlesnake bit or shot by an Illegal Alien.   Will and Lex                         Email:


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