It’s War

We do miss “W”

More people are being murdered in Mexico than Iraq and Afghanistan combined.  It’s more than a drug war, it’s a war for the control of Mexico. As you folks know, Philippe Calderon, the current president of Mexico had to stack the polls to win the election. He was running against a guy backed by Hugo Chavez. Those in the know say the other guy won but Calderon stole the election.  Mexico is not sure of the actual number murdered since Calderon came into power. They know it’s at least 28,000.  There are many more missing, but because their bodies have not been found they are not counted among the dead.

I wrote about the 72 murdered people found south of the Texas border on a remote ranch.  This week the cop who was assigned to investigate this crime was found murdered, his body dumped beside the road.  Deeper south of where the mass grave was located there were two car bombs. One car had a Texas license plate.  I don’t know what that means.  Smart people say the killers are sending a message to the United States.  Don’t come down here snooping around or you will get more of the same.

Last night 14 people were murdered in Acapulco. They run up those numbers like they were playing a game. Only on their end it’s for keeps.

I noticed that Mr. Obama is finally sending the National Guard to the Border States.  Texas gets 250 and Arizona 500.  The Guard will have guns, but no power to arrest.  In fact their jobs will put them 200 miles from the border.

Here what I’m saying.  We are going to be forced to actually put our military in Mexico to fight this war.  There is so much corruption the law is on the drug cartel payroll.

I tried last night to get Lex to stay here, but she is so darn hardheaded.  These Texas women have minds of their own.  She will be packing and shoots was well as I. I have asked her to shoot first if she gets caught in a desolate spot and a stack of illegals show up.  I’d rather hire a lawyer than a preacher.

I was reading the Apostle Paul last night.  He faced being stoned to go preach the good news of Jesus Christ.  We can deal with Mexican drug smugglers to show Christ is in our lives and help others.

Will and Lex



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