Letter from an 8/28 Attende

8-28 Restoring Honor Rally

I have never posted a reader’s letter before, but this one will bring you to your knees.  I am removing names to protect the writer’s identity but this is from a wonderful American and faithful Will reader. Her letter touched Lex and I and we just had to share it with you.


Sun, 29 Aug 2010 18:03:12 -0400 I was never a very religious person until a year ago yesterday when a perfect little girl was born to my daughter who survived stage 2 breast cancer following surgery, chemo, radiation and 5 years of drugs . Her doctors have said she might never be able to have a baby and the baby  is just perfect. But yesterday 500,000+ were touched by God. The weather for the last weekend in August in DC was perfect. The Restoring Honor rally went perfectly. The message came across loud and clear. It was not a political rally, but a rally to honor those who serve our country, those who give back to their country, those whose lives touch each of us every day. No one mentions the Native American man who introduced the event, the rabbi that led us in prayer, the man who could trace his lineage to the Mayflower who also led us in prayer. No one mentions in their postings of the servicemen that Sarah Palin, who was there as a solider’s Mom, introduced us to…Marcus Lutrell, who was the only one in group to survive an attack in Afghanistan. Eddie Wright who lost two hands and part of a leg in Iraq and Tom Kirk who spent time in POW camp in Vietnam. No one has mentioned the awards Glenn gave out to people who follow his faith, hope and charity path. CL Jackson, a black preacher from Texas, who spoke so well of the faith in God, Albert Pujlos, a major league baseball player from Santa Domingo who gives so much of his free time help people with Down’s Syndrome or John Hussman, Jr. who is giving away his entire fortune ( 2 billion+) to help teachers and cancer patients. One of whom came to accept the award for him as he couldn’t come, his granddaughter was getting married that day. The lady who came, a black lady who survived stage 4 breast cancer, was honored to be able to tell her story and the charity of Mr. Hussman. No one talks about the fact that a large portion of the rally was about the Martin Luther King speech on Aug. 28, 1963 in the same spot as the rally. Glenn’s staff produced a beautiful video of his life and times. For the white younger crowd that was there, it was really the first introduction they might have had to Dr. King. No one talks about the fact that Dr. King’s neice spoke of what it meant to her to be able to be there and remember her uncle’s word. No one has mentioned that at the end of the rally, after Glenn had spoken a group of 240 preachers and clergy of all faiths gathered on the steps, pledging to work together to get people more in touch with God. These people might be of different faiths but their message is the same. No one has mentioned the beautiful voice of a black man who sang along with the bagpipes, Amazing Grace. No one has mentioned the reverence of the crowd. These people had stood for hours ( I was there at a little before 7 AM but some had been there all night) and they were so quiet you could hear a pin drop. They listened, they responded to the message. The crowd was young, old, black, white, native American and who knows what else. We introduced ourselves to each other and made friends we will never forget, we held hands, we locked arms and sang and at the end we cried like babies that we were able to be there and experience such an event. No one mentions the fact that not only was it a rally of faith but also of charity. Does anyone know that we gave over 5.5 million dollars, with more coming in, to the Special Operations Warriors foundation. A group that takes care of the 500 families of Special Op soldiers that are killed in action. No, they only speak of Glenn and how he couldn’t be doing this for any other reason than capital gain. I am so proud that I was able to attend this wonderful rally. That I could share the day with 500,000 of my new best friends. That I could feel the hand of God touch each one of us and make us better people. Friday I was a woman going to a rally, today I am a Christian. Please excuse any grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, etc. It is hard to write with tears in your eyes. Please share this with your friends as I am sure they never heard the whole story.


I know you will love this letter as much as I did.  Will and Lex     Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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