Ready to get Angry?

The Old General sent me the sign.  I wish I had a bumper sticker of this.

Today the City Comptroller of New York said they are willing to publicly fund the Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero. Here is the kicker…it’s tax free money.  If you thought the families of the victims of 9-11 were getting slapped in the face, today New York City threw them to the pavement and started kicking.  City Comptroller John Lui said Friday he is looking into public funding for the Ground Zero Muslim Mosque.  (I added Muslim.)

Make no mistake, this Mosque thing is president Obama’s baby.  He was waiting for the right moment to announce his support for the Muslim Mosque. He waited till he was speaking to a room full of Muslims.  And he wonders why so many people think he is Muslim?  Why 50% of the population say they don’t know what religion he is.  If he had remained silent the Mosque could have been moved to a better location and not been so painful for those who lost people in the Muslim attack on 9-11.  Make no mistake he knew. I suspect he was paying back the millions of Muslims from the east who donated heavily to his campaign.

Also our president has called off the prosecution of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the dude responsible for the bombing of the USS Cole. It’s like Mr. Obama doesn’t want to offend the Muslims.  No reason was given.  I guess none is needed if he is protecting a radical Muslim killer.  Folks, enough is enough.  Make sure you remember all of these things when you vote in November 2012.

But this will make you smile.  More people in Louisiana think George Bush did a better job with Hurricane Katrina than Obama did with the oil spill. Looks like Louisiana is missing Bush, I know I am.

Several of my readers are going to attend the Glenn Beck event in Washington DC, tomorrow the 28th.  Wave at me.  I plan to TiVo the event.  God bless you and God Bless Glenn for doing this.  If you get close to Sarah, give her a Texas size hug for me and tell her how proud we are of her.

The dirt from the left is getting ready to start being thrown our way.  The only way they can stop conservatives this November is by using some dirty tricks in the next two months.  Be ready for everything.  Lies and false information by the droves. It’s up to us to stay firm and make sure we get folks to vote for conservatives.  The only way we can be beat is for our folks to stay home.

Some of you have asked when are we leaving.  Lex wants to leave Monday but I’m not sure we can get it together until Tuesday.  I sure wish Ray and Roy were here. It would be a lot easier to leave.  I miss those guys. I think the old guys have things under control.  I should say I HOPE they do.

I love and appreciate all of you.  Will and Lex           Email:


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