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Reality Just Set IN

September 30, 2010

16″x20″ Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper, starting bid .01 cent.  Go to .

I have come to the realization that I’m wasting valuable time painting original pieces for eBay.  I guess the Obama economy has finally reached the giant auction house.  Lex asked me last night why am I killing myself painting long hours only to see my art work get bids of a fraction of its worth?  I had no answer.  I guess I’m just hard-headed and hate to fail.  When we are defeated we need to be a man and face the music.  I failed on eBay so I’m tossing in the towel. I was watching a college football game a few weeks back.  One team was down by three touchdowns with a minute left to play.  The losing team was calling time out.   The coach needed to admit his team was whipped and start taking a knee. He was in a hopeless situation, just like me selling art on eBay. High bids have dried up.

As you know by now Nancy Pelosi sent everyone home without voting on the budget.  She knew 47 Democrats and all the Republicans were going to vote to extend all of the Bush tax cuts.  I suspect she will never let Bush tax cuts get voted on and simply let all of them expire.  If that happens you can expect several more months of a wobbly economy.

I, for one, am glad to see the Obama Summer of Recovery pass.  I thought the country might go under while we were in the middle of that powerful recovery.  You know what is strange?  I think Mr. Biden and Mr. Obama thought all they had to do was start telling folks we were in a Summer of Recovery and suddenly things would get good.  Mr. Obama has been told what power he has with words, he has started to believe those around him. He thought he could talk us out of a recession.

Remember after the stimulus passed Mr. Obama was showcasing Caterpillar as an example of a company that would use the money?  They did. They used the money to open a plant in China.

Maybe it’s time to catch you up on some personal news.  Lex’s mom and dad sold their place and moved to Fort Worth.  The little log cabin was chewed up with termites and fell apart when they began moving it.  They took a beating on the ranch, but the money gave them a nice nest egg for retirement.

I don’t know if I told you, Mandy’s husband died and she has moved in with one of the Twin’s wife.  I think she is going to rotate between the families.

California Charlie has a baby and the last time I heard he was working in the Carly Fiornia’s campaign. We don’t talk much.  I’m not sure we have spoken since I got married.

The  kid who was stealing calves is a Freshman at Texas A&M and doing very well.  The county helped him with a scholarship. I think maybe we saved one young man.

I’m glad you ladies out there talked me into getting married.  It’s really nice to have someone to talk with who understands what’s happening.  Besides she is a looker and nice to be seen in public with. (smile)

I appreciate all of you.  It’s because of you I blog. Even if I don’t list art on eBay, I will continue to blog.   Will and Lady Lex

Sent from one of my readers.


I Love Obama

September 29, 2010

I never thought I would say, “I love Obama.”  But seeing what the president has done in 19 months I have come to realize he is the best thing that could have happened to our country.  Had Hillary been president we would have grumbled and stayed angry, but Mr. Obama has pulled people from their houses and into the streets.  He has mobilized We The People like no other person could. I have to give him credit.  He, and he alone, has done more for conservatives than any other person. He has shown us what liberalism and socialism truly are.  Thank you Mr. Obama for what you have done to energize We the people.

I would never have written a blog without first seeing the destruction the Obama administration has done to this country.  I have no way of knowing but I would bet my boots, my best boots that 90% of the TEA Party folks are into the streets for the first time because of Mr. Obama.  I had never marched or attended a political rally.  I voted and stayed semi informed.  Today I consider myself very well-informed for a back woods country boy with no Ivy League eduction. Lex and I are involved in the process this year.  We have given more money than ever before trying to help good people get elected. I have even spoken at a couple of TEA Party events.  Had to stop, cause people kept pressing me to run.  I don’t need to be in Washington, I would end up punching some of those liberals in the nose.  (smile)

Obama we love you. You pushed through your health care bill when none of We the people wanted it.  Almost 70% of the American people want your health care bill repealed and replaced with one that is less expensive. You were trying to push through Cap and Tax and you came close.  Had you been successful our country may never have recovered.

650,000 people showed up at the Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin rally in Washington DC with the purpose of saying enough is enough. I have several friends who went and said it was a spiritual awaking.  Obama just finished a rally of mostly college kids in Wisconsin and he believes this will offset the TEA Party rallies.  These college kids have no motivation to go vote.  We old folks do.  We know by voting we can get rid of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid this year.  Possibly Barney Franks, he is in a tight race.  Then in two years, Mr. President we will replace you with someone who believes in smaller government, less taxes and will listen to We the people.

Mr. President we love you for waking the giant called We the People.  You can count on us voting and it’s all because of you and what we think you are trying to do to our great nation.

I’m sure you know by now 47 Democrats have joined the Republicans on voting to extend the Bush Tax Cuts; however Nancy is going to adjourn without calling a vote. This is proof to me that Harry, Nancy and Mr. Obama want to see this country go down in smoke.

Will and Lady Lex

Ps. Lex and I took two dozen goats to the Twins’ families.  Each family got a Billy and 11 young does (nannies) which will supply them with milk and meat. They should be able to sell a few from time to time.  Goats are easy to care for and each family has enough land to raise a nice herd.  My herd was getting a tad large. I doubt if we will have any more goat ropings with the Twins gone.  It just wouldn’t be the same.

Looking forward to the day when the Obamas walk off into the sunset and enjoy the good life.

The Left Thinks We are Stupid

September 27, 2010

If John Kerry gets his way we will have a new military division.

Did you see John Kerry, who fought in Viet Nam, tell a reporter the TEA Party members are stupid and uninformed on politics or else they would see the good Obama is doing?  The guy has spent too much time in his giant yacht to really understand what’s going on.  I will challenge Senator Kerry to go to a TEA Party and ask questions. He will find the most informed people in the country.  I have a feeling this is the most informed group of people perhaps to ever live.  Books are cheap and most people can afford to buy all they have time to read.  I get dozens of emails from my readers everyday and I will promise you he would not want to argue with any of those who write me.

I’ve heard president Obama complain about how out of step we in the TEA Party are. We are so out of step that we believe in not spending money we don’t have.  If I spent more than I make, in a year or so the bank would take my ranch, even though the land is paid off in full. We no longer have debtor prison, but there are laws that will allow my property to be sold to pay off my debts.  When the Democrats spend they just print more money.

I have not seen anything on the Government trying to prevent Admadinejad meeting with Farrakham or the Black Panthers.  Where is the screaming from the left?  What is president Obama’s position on the radicals in this country meeting with a man who says he wants to bomb Israel off the map?  The president is silent, because he thinks we are stupid and will not find out about the meeting.

One more thing that chaps my butt is George Soros has a group wanting criminal charges filed against Christine O’Donnell.  Where does he get off thinking he can help steal the election by having charges filed against her?  He turns his head with Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangle. The more the left loonies like Soros go after Christine the higher she is climbing in the polls.  Because of their vitriolic hate that little lady is going to win Joe Biden’s old seat.  This time we are getting a conservative and not a RINO like Scott Brown.

Strap on your voting shoes and keep them polished. Will and Lady Lex

Most Dangerous Place in the World

September 26, 2010

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper.  The art can be purchased on

If you guessed Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan you are wrong by a long shot.  The title of the most dangerous place in the world goes to Mexico.  More precisely, the city of Juarez, Mexico.  Since 2006 when President Philip Calderon declared war on drugs there have been 6,477 murders in the city of Juarez. Let that soak in. Now add to that 230,000 people fleeing the city for a safer place. The problem is there is no real safe place in Mexico.  Not all those fleeing are poor people. Many are the wealthy who find it no longer safe to live in a city where they grew up.  Add to those horrible numbers over 10,000 businesses that have closed or been burned since the war on drugs started.

What I find sad is the drug cartels are hiring kids to stand on corners as lookouts all day long and late into the night. Those kids get $20 and are thrilled to make the money. A hit man only gets $40 for a routine killing. If it’s a mayor or police chief he might get $100.

I read a letter to the editor from a man telling about his brother who lived in Juarez.  He owned a small drug store and one day got a phone call from the Zetas (Drug Cartel). They told him he would be expected to pay $300 a month or have his business burned.  He wasn’t making that much money, so had no choice but to close.  Now he is asking for asylum in the United States. He said if he moved to another part of Mexico the Zetas would find out and come after him.

Mexico is no longer a safe place for a reporter. 60 have been killed since the war on drugs started.  The top newspaper in Juarez ran a full-page ad asking the drug cartels what could they do to keep their reporters from being killed? Apparently nothing but close their papers.

The United States media was praising Mexico for capturing and killing several top drug leaders. Do they really think that will make a difference?  The drug cartel is like a star fish. Cut off one arm and another one will grow in its place. They have a line of potential leaders wanting to take over, each more bloody than the one captured.

If the United States would close the border there would be no place for Mexico to sell their drugs. Let’s also face the fact the Democrats don’t want to close the border, because they are looking to the south for future votes.  Mr. Obama is doing all he can to get the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens citizenship before 2012.  Our chance to stop him is to win big in November so we can block his efforts to legalize the illegals.  It’s time you stopped talking and started doing.  Will and Lady Lex

Who Is Bryan Underwood

September 25, 2010

Bryan Underwood, the next US Congressman from District 28 of Texas.

Last night Lady Lex and I went to support our TEA Party candidate for Congress.  We are in District 28 which reaches from South San Antonio to Laredo, Texas.  Henry Cuellar is the guy we have in office now who says he is a blue dog Democrat. If he is a blue dog then I need my eyes examined.  This last term Cuellar voted 94% of the time with Nancy Pelosi. The truth of the matter there is not a time I can remember when he didn’t fully support the Obama-Reid-Pelosi ticket.  In short we have to vote this guy out in November and replace him with Mr. Underwood.

While attending a TEA Party rally early this year Bryan Underwood stood and took the challenge to be the man to take on Henry Ceullar.  The speaker said we need good people to run. People who love America.  Bryan Underwood fills the bill of the kind of people we want in Washington.  He will vote with the US Constitution, what’s best for Texas and the things our District needs.

I asked him what he thought of the GOP Pledge and he likes it.

Lex and I ended up at the table with Bryan’s mother and dad.  Salt of the earth people.  His father was a horse trainer for about sixty years. Bryan worked in the horse business with his father until he went out on his own and opened a small business.  Now he is constantly on the road talking with people and giving talks. We like him.  He is not a polished speaker, but the words he says come from deep in his heart.  When he says he is a dedicated Christian, you know he is telling the truth.

The party was held at the home of an American Hero who lives way up near La Vernia.  He has about  60 well manicured acres, a small fishing pond and a  5,500 square foot Texas limestone home. In back of the house he converted a great big barn into a party place.  He has a successful small business and is doing all he can to help Bryan get elected.  I’m not saying his name, because I forgot to ask permission before we left. He must have spent $5,000 of his own money putting on the party.

He and I visited for about thirty minutes, complaining about the RINOs in the Republican party.  Even if we win big this November we still have the RINOs to deal with.  Like John McCain, Limp Wrist Graham, Olympia Snow, Susan Collins and Scott Brown.  November is a start, then in 2012 we need to finish the job.  Vote out the RINOs and get us a new conservative president. It’s going to take a long time to purify the Republican party.  Murkowski and Charlie Chris are proof that it’s hard to get rid of the Old RINOs. I hear Mike Castle is looking into trying the write in vote way to win back his seat.  RINOs are all about what is good for them.  If you ever doubted this look at Alaska, Delaware and Florida.

God Bless Jim DeMint.  He said it best.  “I’d rather have 40 true conservatives than 60 and half of them RINOs.”   Will and Lady Lex

Sinking Ship

September 24, 2010

Things have not worked out for the president as he envisioned.

It’s always sad to see a falling star.  You see this in Hollywood all the time.  Actors whose services were highly sought after then, almost overnight, they can’t find a B movie to make.  You see gold record singers doing juke joints to have a place to sing.  When I was a kid flat tops were the hair style of the cool boys.  One day I looked around and I was the only burr cut left in my group.

Poor Mr. Obama has lost his status of being Mr. Cool. This week he was in New York City for a fund-raiser.  The auditorium seated 650 people.  Tickets were $100 each.  A few hours before the president spoke the number of tickets sold totaled less than half of the room.  His people quickly reduced the ticket price to $50 and still were not able to fill the room.

Can you imagine Sarah Palin drawing a crowd that small?  Her book signings were crammed with 2,000 to 3,000 people showing up.

In Ohio the same thing happened to the president.  He was speaking in a 450 seat auditorium. An hour before opening his people rushed though the school campus and rounded up 75 kids, letting them in for free to help fill the room. Even then there were empty seats.  He has lost his star power.

His key people (rats) are jumping ship at a record pace.  On Drudge this morning there was a story that David Axelrod is leaving.  Only little Timmy The Tax Cheat is left and he will leave as soon as he can find an excuse to exit.  I suspect Robert Gibbs will take Axelrod’s place.

I believe the reason Obama has been having backyard meetings is he knows he can fill those events.  I can’t imagine how sick he feels to know his popularity is so weak he can’t fill a 600 seat auditorium. Deflated, you think?  Most probably not.  He will simply blame Bush.  He may be onto something.  More folks in Ohio want Bush back than want Obama to be in power.

I’d worry about a new clan of advisors; however the next set will be more liberal and lean deeper to the left than those who are leaving. He sees his problems as not being left enough. Had he put in the Public Option, folks would love his health care program. He laments that the Stimulus Bill was not large enough.  He believes his problem stems from not spending enough. Obama is a leftist ideologue and cannot shift to the center. He is locked in extreme left and there he will remain until we vote him out of office.

In a weak moment I found myself feeling sorry for the failed leader, but then I remembered his fall is for the betterment of America.  He has to burn out, allowing us to replace him with leaders who love this country and then form our government that will make us the best Nation on earth.

The real change starts this November…  Will and Lady Lex

Ps. Another Border Mayor was killed in Mexico yesterday.  This is the fourth mayor murdered in the past six weeks along the southern border of Texas.  Yet Janet Napolitano says things are getting better in Mexico.

I’m Tired

September 23, 2010

I’m tired of hashing over this issue but I  finally got one of those smart guys to agree with me. Warren Buffett said we are still in a recession and it may take two years to get out of it.  He said he was wrong to think we were out of the recession. Also several of my readers concur with my thoughts on the issue.  I love being right.

A friend from west Texas sent me the following: “Fathom the odd hypocrisy that Obama wants every citizen to prove they are insured, but people don’t have to prove they are citizens.  Ben Stein

And from the General:  ” I just wanted you to know… today I received my 2010 Obama Stimulus Package. It contained two watermelon seeds, cornbread mix and 10 coupons to KFC.  My problem was the direction were in Spanish. Hope you get yours soon.”

Finally a dear friend from the cold north wrote:                         


Over five thousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel, “Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and Camels, this is the Promised Land.”

75 years ago, when Welfare was introduced, Roosevelt said, ” Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses and light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land.”

Today, Mr. Obama has stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the price of Camels and mortgaged the Promised Land!

There is one positive thing. We have had a lot of rain, which means another banner year of wild flowers next spring.  Also I had the best crop of hay ever.  I don’t remember baling so much hay.  I’m in great shape for winter.  My grass is green and cattle fat. I got a great wife and a good horse.  What more could a broken down cowboy need?

Thank you for your constant support and prayers.  I need the prayers and I suspect you need the practice.  Will and Lady Lex

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper.  You can buy this original on

I Learned Something

September 22, 2010

An Obama sycophant told me had I gone to Harvard I would understand what a recession is. I would know the recession was over back in June 2009.  Perhaps it was over for a month and we have fallen back into another one.   I’m so deprived of a proper education. My small Texas school didn’t teach me that when the nation is setting records for foreclosures and bankruptcies we are no longer in a recession.  Millions of people are out of a job with no prospects of getting one and we are to believe the recession is over.

One thing I know for sure is what I see with my eBay sales. They suck.  I can’t even get $350 for a well painted 16″x20″ original oil.  Two years ago it was common to get $300 and $400 for a 11″x14″.  I rarely   This week I saw an excellent 16″x20″ go for $78.  The top flight artists who do my shipping told me they have seen their gallery sales drop 80% this past year.

Not being a Harvard man all I can go by is what I see.  What I see is car lots in south Texas with deeply reduced inventories.  I see Office Depot and Home Depot with big discounts on most of the items in their stores.  Luby’s Cafeteria has reduced prices on several meals.  The lube place where we get our trucks serviced has been running reduced prices for the past six months.  My feed store has been offering big discounts for large volume sales.  I was talking to the Baptist preacher a couple of weeks ago and he said donations were way off.  He was going to have some bake sales to help meet expenses.  He has already reduced his salary.  The disadvantage of not having a Harvard education is I tend to believe what I see and not what I read.

I happened to catch a little of Rush Limbaugh and he agrees with me on this recession scam. I find it amazing so many Obama supporters actually believe we are out of the woods.  If Congress will extend all of the Bush tax cuts we may see things improve next year.  Especially if we get off our butts and vote out the liberal big spenders.  I expect the economy will improve when we elect some fiscal conservatives.  If we don’t, only God can save our country.

Will and Lady Lex

This just in. Now we know why the president went to church Sunday. September 19, the Obama family attended church for the third time this year. They went to St. John’s Episcopal Church in Lafayette Park. 

But what is widely not reported by the White House and the liberal media is that on that particular Sunday in that particular church, Dr. Ziad Asali, M.D., a Muslim, founder and president of the American Task Force on Palestine, was the guest speaker. He was there to speak on the subject of “Prospects of the two-state solution in the Middle-East.”
According to the website of the American Task Force on Palestine, it is a “non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Washington, DC.” The organization describes itself as “dedicated to advocating that it is in the American national interest to promote an end to the conflict in the Middle East through a negotiated agreement that provides for two states – Israel and Palestine – living side by side in peace and security.”

I Did Not Know

September 21, 2010

The news that the recession ended June 2009 shows you have far back in the sticks I live. I didn’t realize the recession was over until I saw a story in the news.  Seems some Harvard professors and such are saying the Recession was over back in June 2009.  Had I known I could have saved myself a lot of grief.  My bank account didn’t know the recession is over. The housing market didn’t realize it was over.  We are in the middle of record foreclosures in the housing market. Bankruptcies are still setting records.

Santa Fe is the second top art marketplace in the United States.  Only mega New York City sells more art. This fall 25 major art galleries in Santa Fe are closing. They can’t make enough to meet the overhead.  Had I known the recession was over I could have told them last summer and they would be thriving today.

Think of all the jobs that would be filled today if businesses had been told 15 months ago the recession was over.  I blame the president for keeping it a secret that the recession is over.  On second thought it does seem like he mentioned this in only one of his speeches. The problem with giving so many talks people have stopped listening.  He gave 440 speeches his first 12 months in office, he was on every TV  show that would make time for him. This doesn’t include his International traveling.  If there is such a thing as over exposure, he is the poster man for that.  Note I was careful not to say poster boy for fear of someone saying I’m a racist.

A lot of us are country folks, but we have been to a few goat ropings and a couple of county fairs. No city slicker it going to make us believe the recession was over 15 months ago.  I have one question.  Was that when the Depression started?

The American people want jobs.  10% unemployment across the country is not a sign the recession is over.  Nevada has 14% and California is at 12%.  Texas is one of the few states where unemployment is doing fair. We are 7 and 8 %, with some spots higher.  I think it’s 5% in Midland-Odessa, but they’ve got oil.

When the jobless is down to 5% nationwide then tell me the recession is over. Until then shut up.  I don’t want to hear any more malarkey.  Saying the recession was over last June 2009 shows you just how out of touch the president and his buddies are with reality.

One of my collectors owns over 50 fast food chains in Arizona.  They are having to sell their fine home and down size to one that is about 4,000 square feet.  Their original home is 12,000 sq ft.  Several of his fast food restaurants had to close and he is auctioning off his personal antique collection.  Go tell him the recession ended 15 months ago. He will punch you in the nose and if you did go tell him then you deserve the bloody face.

Will and Lady Lex

Ps. I need to correct something the president said today.  He said Mexicans were here before America was an idea.  The Spaniards were here, but the insidious Indians of Mexico were not here until the Spanish made them slaves and brought them north.  I guess he doesn’t know the difference between Mexican and Spaniard.  That’s what you get with a Harvard education.


September 19, 2010

Harry Reid had added the Dream Act to the military bill.  As a friend of mine says, “Lots of luck.”   Sharron Angle is making hay out of this amnesty gimmick.  It’s a fast track to citizenship by amnesty and bypasses all but those enrolled in the citizenship program. I understand a lot of Democrats are fit to be tied.

I’m not sure most of you know, but Mike Huckabee passed the Dream Act for Arkansas kids when he was governor.  He also raised taxes after promising the folks he wouldn’t when he was running for governor.  That hurt him in the last presidential election and will be his Achilles heel in this one.  Make no mistake, he won’t be able to hide from those two things.  I like Huckabee, but he can’t be trusted based on his past record.  Candidates just don’t realize people know how you vote and handle things.

On the surface the Dream Act sounds like a good thing, but I have another take.  I know an old Mexican man who has worked for a local rancher  for the past twenty-five to thirty years.  He was there when I bought my ranch.  Why should some young kid, who earns good grades, have a fast track to citizenship and that old man be denied the same treatment?  This means if you are not educated you don’t have a chance to be a citizen.  The old man works hard, feeds his family and sent his kids to school, yet he has no Dream.  Two of his boys are in the military and they will, if they have not already, become US Citizens.  His daughters are married to citizens and will therefore become citizens, but the old dude can be deported at any time.  It’s my understanding he has lived here most of his life.  He speaks pretty good English, but can’t read or write.  This means he will never become a citizen.  If they are going to have this policy then why not a Dream Act for him?   I think the Dream Act is flawed and no doubt will be voted down. You can’t single out 65,000 kids who graduate from high school each year and leave out the rest who are here illegally. Let me repeat again, I’m totally against the Dream Act for anyone here illegally.

Let’s close the borders and work a fast track program for people like this old man.  Give him some kind of card that lets him stay and learn to read and speak our language.  Until we close the border I say we offer no immigration programs.  Janet the Big Sis said we have enough invested in border security.  In other words she is going to do nothing to close the border.

We have RINOs like Colin Powell admitting today that he hires Illegal Aliens to repair his house, because no one else will do the work.  That’s strange, I see a lot a small construction companies run by whites.  In fact we are going to a TEA Party Event at the home of a white man who happens to own a small air conditioning company.  He doesn’t hire illegals.  My question is why does Powell call himself a Republican?  He is left of Harry Reid.  It’s the Democrats who want cheap labor and that is why they are not closing the border.

This is why the November elections are so important. We have to get rid of Reid and boot Nancy out of the Speaker’s position.  We have to bring common sense back to Washington.   Will and Lex