Back, Tired and Safe

If Saddam was still alive and Mr. Obama president this is what you would see.  You know it’s true. What is also true, president Obama is not going to attend the 9-11 Ground Zero Ceremony.

Got home, unloaded and fed the horses. As Lex was helping get our stuff out of  the pickup truck she told me to get on the computer and let all of you know we made it back in one piece.  We are scratched, baked, and bruised but other than that it was a great trip.

We rounded up and dipped 3,838 of the meanest, wildest cattle I think I’ve ever seen. Each day was an adventure. Got some horses hooked and banged up on rocks.  No snake bites this time.  We had a great time. Poor Lex was so sore after the first day we grounded her. She became the official camp cook.  I hurt for her.  She had never ridden that many hours in the saddle on such rugged country over an extended period of time.  Like from 6:45 in the morning until it was too dark to see. You really get beat up bouncing side to side and up and down over the rocks and cactus.   Lex was teased unmercifully by the men. I was proud how she stood up to the teasing. I didn’t pull off the dogs. She said she could take it, which she did and dished her share back at them. She did a great job cooking, much better than California Charlie. A black bear with cubs visited camp.  Lex beat on a pan with the butt of her pistol and scared the mama back.   Then she cut a slab of beef and took it out about 100 yards from our campground.  It was not long before the mama and cubs took the meat and ran.  She killed two big rattlesnakes and had them hanging one night when we got home.  One of the old timers skinned the snakes and prepared the skin.  Lex wants them tanned and hung in my new studio.  We took the meat out away from camp and it was gone the next day. Whether it was coyotes, wolves, mountain lions, bobcats or bear, it made some animal a couple of good meals.

Lex’s big excitement came the third day in camp. Around 5 in the afternoon seventeen illegal aliens staggered into our camp ground.  She was alone but not scared.  I’ve told you she packs and shoots better than me.  Three were mature adults, nine were  boys and the rest small girls. One of the old women spoke broken English and told Lex they were lost with no water or food.  Their faces were drawn.  In fact they looked emaciated. Leave it to Lex, she fed them and found out if they were trying to find their way to a major Texas city.  The old woman told her their coyote abandoned them after they couldn’t pay him extra money.  When we got into camp, two of our men loaded them into a horse trailer and drove them as close as they could to the Rio Grande. The river is shallow and they waded across.

On our way home, this side of Alpine we saw two illegal aliens walking in a pasture. They ducked when they saw our truck.  We didn’t stop.  Both of us were very tired and I didn’t want to wait all night for the Border Patrol.

In another email I’ll tell you about Lex’s and my trip to see the Marfa lights.   You know, the UFOs!

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