Big Storm

Our Quest for the Mysterious Marfa Lights

We had wind gusts up to 70 mph and about 6″ of rain.  I was not expecting anything this strong.  Normally the storms that hit Brownsville never do much damage to us.  I have small limbs scattered all over the ranch.  So far no dead cows or goats I can find. Lex found one dead barn cat out in the goat pasture.  It was probably killed by a predator and not the storm. No windows broken or serious damage to the barns.  All my dry land stock tanks are full for the first time since the big drought.

All the way to the ranch in west Texas Lex kept talking about seeing the Marfa lights.  She had seen a show on the Discovery Channel or Un-Solved Mysteries on the ghost lights and wanted me to take her one night to see if we could get lucky.  The ranch we were helping on was only 60 or 70 miles of rough back roads away, but what the little lady wants is what she gets.  The story is the lights were first seen in the early 1900s and there is a spot about five miles from town where you can sit and wait for the mystery lights.  Are they UFOs?   They have been around too long for a man-made scam.  I’m a skeptic, but Lex was heart set on going.

The day the starving illegals showed up I thought would be as good as any to take her.  A couple of the men put the illegals in a big horse trailer and took off for Presidio, a small town on the Mexican border.  There is a pretty good road all the way. They stopped at the edge of town and let the illegals out so they could make their way back across.  The sad thing is they were not Mexican, but from Central America. They had a long way to travel to get home.  The two ranchers felt sorry for the kids and each gave the adults $50 for food and water.  The entire group didn’t have a dime among them.

Folks, we need to close the borders. If those pitiful people had not stumbled upon our camp ground they would be dead and their bones stripped clean by the buzzards. Obama doesn’t care about people or he would stop illegals at the border.  Those poor souls had used every penny they had to hire coyotes to get them to a major city where they could find work.  Once all their money was gone the coyotes abandoned them in the rugged ranch land of west Texas.

Lex and I got to Marfa around 9:30.  The guy at the gas station sold us a book on the lights and told us the way to go for the best view.  I hate to tell you, I was so tired I fell asleep on her about 11:00. She hung on till almost 3:00 am.  She woke me enough to get in the pick up truck and then she drove us to our camp.  Can you believe I slept and she drove?  What a girl!!!!

Later she did admit to sleeping a few hours at camp in the afternoon before we left.   The bottom line, we didn’t see the Marfa lights, but Lex is still a believer.  Me, I have doubts but I won’t bust her dream.    Will and Lex     Email:

I’m tired of the Democrats saying it’s Bush’s fault.  When Bush left office unemployment was just over 5% and this chart shows the rest you need to know.  Mr Obama is a One and Done president and it’s all because he is the biggest spender in the history of the United States.  Now he wants to spend $50 Billion more.


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