Burning the Koran (Quran)

I’ve never heard Mr. Obama speak out about the Muslims burning our flag or Holy Bible, have you?

I’m not sure how you spell the name of the Muslim bible. I’ll use Koran, because that is the way we spell it down in Texas.  I think all the stir that has been caused by the pastor in Gainesville, Florida when he said he was going to burn a stack of Korans on 9-11 is ridiculous.   Out of Washington we hear a cry, “You can’t do that. You will make the Muslims angry.”

This is hypocrisy at its biggest.  My question is who got upset when the US Military burned thousands of Christian Bibles sent to Afghanistan?  Our own military burned those bibles and there was only a whimper of protest over here. I didn’t see blogs about the bible burning. I didn’t see the White House stepping in to stop the military from burning the bible you and we use and hold Holy to our hearts.  Did you see a stink being raised?

Also we hear that if the pastor burns a stack of Korans, it won’t be safe for Americans to travel to the Middle East.  General Petraeus has said the burning will energize the Muslims to kill our soldiers.  From what I have seen the last nine years they are already trying to kill our soldiers.  I don’t see them letting up and just waiting for us to insult Islam.  It’s been discovered Iran is paying the Muslims a $1,000 bounty for each soldier they kill.  That’s a lot of money to them. Burning the Koran won’t make them try any harder than they already are for the money.

The Muslims in the east burn our flag and our bible and you don’t hear Obama saying anything about that.  I find it interesting he is considering asking the little pastor to back off his Koran burning.  Why is the Koran more important to our president than the Holy Bible? He says he is a Christian, yet he defends the Muslims.  Makes us wonder.

I can’t tell that little minister how to run his church. This is the beauty of America, churches have the freedom to do as they wish.   Do I wish he wouldn’t?  No.  If the Holy Spirit has filled he and his congregation then who am I to tell them they are wrong?

Lex is all concerned that it will make the radical Muslims angry.  I told her, “Sweetheart, full is full. Those people are full of hate and that is all they can handle.  They cannot add one more ounce of hatred no matter what we do.”    She reluctantly agreed.  Come on, full is full. Do any of you think the radical Muslims are not totally full of hate for us?

I hope the little grayed haired pastor with the ham-hock sideburns sticks to his guns and doesn’t give in to the pressure of Mr. Obama.  If God told him to burn the Korans then he should not be persuaded by politicians.

Burning the Koran is not what I’d do, but I will stand with this pastor to follow the will of God as he knows it.  I think it’s wasted energy, but who am I to tell a man of God what is right.  Some say he is a pastor of 50 people and he is not important.  Many times Paul preached to a lot less.  At times during the seven years Paul was locked up he  only had one or two to minister the Word to.  It’s not the size of the church, but the amount of Holy Spirit that can be found.     Will and Lex    Email:  willcooper@senkarik.com

Ps. I just read the government got to the little preacher and made him cancel.  I wrote most of the blog before breakfast. Now the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas is going to burn some Korans.  They have burned Korans before.  Let’s see if Mr. Obama stops them.  He has not stopped the Westboro Church from protesting at soldier’s funerals. Just thinking out loud.


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