The way Ground Zero looks today.

All of us remember where we were when the planes struck the Twin Towers.  I was writing checks when I received an email from a lady from Cape Cop.  Her message was simple and one many seem to have forgotten.  She said, “Turn on your television, we are at war.  Terrorists just flew a plane into the Twin Tower,”

I had Mandy ring the cowbell, the twins came in and we all watched the destruction unfold.

Lex was living in New York City and was getting a cup of coffee when the news flashed.  She said they all went into the streets and saw the plume of smoke rising to the heavens. Lex knew a girl who was killed in the south tower.

A few months after the event I flew to New York City and went to dinner with Lex.  Her folks asked me to give her a call when I was there. She took me to Ground Zero.  I remember standing, looking at the destruction with tears running down my cheeks.  We were friends back then, but not lovers.  Looking back I think she had fun showing off a real Texas Cowboy, with boots, big hat, starched Wranglers and all. I had no idea then she would eventually become my wife.

I saw a special on Fox last night about the events on 9-11-01.  President Bush showed amazing strength. When Andy Card told him about the first plane while he was in Sarasota, Bush’s eyes tightened and his mouth became firm.  He continued to read to the children. Then when the second plane hit he solemnly placed the children’s book on a stand, slowly stood and shook the teachers hand.  You would never have known we had been hit by terrorists.   His news conference was one of steely resolve.  No panic was seen in his face.  I shudder to think of how our current president would have handled 9-11.  He would have been so scared the country would have panicked.  Thank God Bush was in charge.

Will and Mrs. Cooper     Email: willcooper@senkarik.com

This is in the window of a Houston Mall. It’s owned by Muslims. The sign says, We will be closed Friday September 11, 2009 to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Ali.  Imam Ali was one of the pilots who flew a plane into the Twin Towers.  Good to know we have peaceful Muslims living in America.


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