This little lady has chutzpah.  I can’t recall the first time I ever heard this word.  I guess it was in college when I gave some rather thin excuse for not having a term paper finished. My professor said, “Will, you have more chutzpah than any student in this school.”   I distinctly understood it was not a compliment.  I could tell by the look in his eyes. I asked him what he meant by “chutzpah.”  He grinned and said look it up. That was a lot of help. He knew I wouldn’t be able to spell such a word.

I knew not to ask my football coach, so I turned to my Science teacher. He gave me a brief idea of how to spell the word.  He was close enough for me to find the word.

Chutzpah is a Yiddish word meaning gall, brazen nerve, effrontery, impudence, sheer guts plus super arrogance. No other word and no other language can do Chutzpah justice.

Harry Reid showed amazing Chutzpah when he said he had nothing to do with the 14.3% unemployment in Nevada.  For a moment I thought, “is he Jewish?” But then I remembered he is Mormon. Not many would have this chutzpah.  36,000 people lost their jobs today Harry.  This week Reid and his crew took a dozen large SUVs to the green energy summit. It’s okay for the peasants to walk 100 yards, but not for the hypocrite Reid and his aides.   Reid and Obama are totally the reason things are so dire in the state of Nevada.  Obama warning folks to not go on a vacation to Las Vegas and Reid pushing the Health Care bill and big bailouts killed the economy in that state. Together they have done much harm to Nevada.

Look at the picture of the little lady at the top of this blog. She sold pretzels on a street corner for 25 cents each. Every day a young man would leave his office at lunch time and as he passed the pretzel stand he would leave her a quarter, but never took a pretzel.

This went on for more than 3 years. The two of them never spoke. One day, as the young man passed her stand and left his quarter as usual, the old pretzel lady spoke to him. Without blinking an eye she said,  “They’re 35 cents now.”

This is chutzpah at it’s best. This is Reid.

The only people living today who can match her chutzpah are Mr. Obama, Mr. Reid and Mrs. Pelosi. They have the gall and arrogance to tell us they are doing a great job. The three of them are ready to push another $50 Billion dollar stimulus bill through before the mid-term elections. Their addiction to spending is destroying our great nation. I just pray we can win in November.

Will and Lex

PS. I just want to tell you I appreciate all of you more than my words can express.


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