Mrs. Obama says life in the White House… “Is HELL”

Michelle Obama and first Lady of France, Carla Burni.

Mrs Obama confided with the French first lady that living in the American White House is HELL. Carla confided that her husband was one and done. My source said that Mrs. Obama confided that she felt the same would be true for her husband. Mrs. Obama told the French First Lady that her husband was so out of touch with the voters that it may be impossible for him to win a second term.

I had no idea all those elaborate vacations were so stressful. Poor Michelle has worn herself out traveling the world in a 747 and staying in 6 star hotels.  When the entire family went to Martha’s Vineyard she brought her own chef and the White House staff.  No doubt going it cold in Spain without her chef was simply horrible. Who could have known it would be so traumatic.

I’m embarrassed I’m so insensitive about her well-being. I even complained when she brought a Pizza guy and his staff from Saint Louis to cook supper for the first family.  Okay I admit I thought it was excess, since there are dozens of great pizza makers in Washington DC.  I now see the error of my ways. Of course she needed to have Nick and his kitchen moved to the White House for one evening. After all, she and Mr. Obama are royalty.  Nothing is excess for royalty.

Being a man of the earth I have not learned those finer things of life. I don’t know enough about being an elite to complain about Kobe Beef at $100 a pound.  I’m so intent on trying to make my wife happy, keep my cattle healthy and take care of a few neighbors that I never stopped to realize how painful it could be for Mrs. Obama when the chef didn’t cook that $100 per pound beef to her satisfaction.  I’m so tied up with trying to get fiscal conservatives elected I never stopped to feel Mrs. Obama’s pain.

Perhaps I’m wrong on why she says living in the White House is HELL.  It could be she and Barry are having a rough go.  I’m sure you noticed he stopped wearing his wedding ring.  I know the liberal press says it’s because Barry’s wedding ring is being repaired.  What needs to be fixed on a simple gold wedding band?  I suspect Michelle kicked his skinny rear and he is pouting.

My granddaddy had a saying that fits this case, “She wouldn’t be happy if she was going to be hung with a new rope.”

Since I wrote this blog two days ago the Obama and French camps have walked back on this story. I still think there is some truth to the story.

Tonight Lex and I delivered some art for a TEA Party fund-raiser.  We are trying to elect Bryan Underwood in Texas District 28.  We are up against big spender Henry Cuellar who voted for Cap and Tax, all the Stimulus Bills and the Obama Health Care Bill.  Henry never saw a tax he didn’t like.

Will and Lex


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