They are All Losers

This is what a sore loser looks like.  Lisa Murkowski is a proven loser by her actions this week.

I have never seen so many losers in my life and they are all Republicans.  First there is Charlie Chris who was getting his butt spanked by Marco Rubio so he pulled out of the Republican race to ran as an Independent.  He is still getting his butt spanked. Charlie thought President Obama could save him.  What a joke. Obama can’t even save his star Democrats.

Then the RINO Republican Lisa Murkowski was beaten is a fair race by Joe Wilson in Alaska. At first she said she would back him in beating the Democrats. But she got to missing the perks and has announced she is now going to join the race as a write-in candidate. So much for honor.  I personally think this is the most dishonorable thing a candidate can do. This woman doesn’t care about our country. She only cares about the Murkowski name and the power she had as a Senator.  She is a disgrace to the Republican party. I hope some Republicans sue her to get back the money donated to her campaign.  My question is this:  If the person misspells Murkowski on the write-in vote does the vote count?  What if they wrote Lisa Murcowski, is that valid?  I would think if her name was not spelled correctly that vote wouldn’t count. Her name will not be on the ballot.  When the dust settles November 2nd she will be a loser for the second time.  Lex and I plan to send Joe Wilson money.

The “little darlin’ ” Christina O’ Donnell and the TEA Party beat an ensconced RINO Republican in Delaware. Mike Castle had been in Washington 18 years and served twice as Governor of Delaware.  He felt entitled to the office. When Christina won he showed himself to be a true loser. He didn’t call to congratulate her or say he would support her. Some are speculating he might run as an Independent.  If he does he, like Lisa Murkowski, will be a double loser. Karl Rove is saying Christina doesn’t have a chance.  I used to think he was smart.  He was talking about all the baggage she had and that she didn’t have any money.  To be honest I find her an attractive candidate because she has seen hard times. She can feel our pain.  We are sending her some money Monday.  She is running against a big spending confessed Marxist.  She will win and Rove will have egg on his face.

Let me tell you about some winners.  I don’t think Newt Gingrich can win as a president, but he could as a Vice President.  He is a brilliant man and the best informed on either side of the aisle but he has too much personal baggage.  However Sarah Palin can win. No one in America has the power she does.  She backs a candidate on her Facebook and they come from 30 down to win.  She has helped a lot of people win in the primary.  If she runs she will be our nominee.  Think about this, a Palin/Gingrich ticket.  He could win as the VP and she has the power to win the top of  ticket.   He gives her the International knowledge that the liberals say she lacks and she can get the votes for them to make Obama one and done.   I’d like to hear your thoughts on this team.    Will and Lex


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