I Did Not Know

The news that the recession ended June 2009 shows you have far back in the sticks I live. I didn’t realize the recession was over until I saw a story in the news.  Seems some Harvard professors and such are saying the Recession was over back in June 2009.  Had I known I could have saved myself a lot of grief.  My bank account didn’t know the recession is over. The housing market didn’t realize it was over.  We are in the middle of record foreclosures in the housing market. Bankruptcies are still setting records.

Santa Fe is the second top art marketplace in the United States.  Only mega New York City sells more art. This fall 25 major art galleries in Santa Fe are closing. They can’t make enough to meet the overhead.  Had I known the recession was over I could have told them last summer and they would be thriving today.

Think of all the jobs that would be filled today if businesses had been told 15 months ago the recession was over.  I blame the president for keeping it a secret that the recession is over.  On second thought it does seem like he mentioned this in only one of his speeches. The problem with giving so many talks people have stopped listening.  He gave 440 speeches his first 12 months in office, he was on every TV  show that would make time for him. This doesn’t include his International traveling.  If there is such a thing as over exposure, he is the poster man for that.  Note I was careful not to say poster boy for fear of someone saying I’m a racist.

A lot of us are country folks, but we have been to a few goat ropings and a couple of county fairs. No city slicker it going to make us believe the recession was over 15 months ago.  I have one question.  Was that when the Depression started?

The American people want jobs.  10% unemployment across the country is not a sign the recession is over.  Nevada has 14% and California is at 12%.  Texas is one of the few states where unemployment is doing fair. We are 7 and 8 %, with some spots higher.  I think it’s 5% in Midland-Odessa, but they’ve got oil.

When the jobless is down to 5% nationwide then tell me the recession is over. Until then shut up.  I don’t want to hear any more malarkey.  Saying the recession was over last June 2009 shows you just how out of touch the president and his buddies are with reality.

One of my collectors owns over 50 fast food chains in Arizona.  They are having to sell their fine home and down size to one that is about 4,000 square feet.  Their original home is 12,000 sq ft.  Several of his fast food restaurants had to close and he is auctioning off his personal antique collection.  Go tell him the recession ended 15 months ago. He will punch you in the nose and if you did go tell him then you deserve the bloody face.

Will and Lady Lex

Ps. I need to correct something the president said today.  He said Mexicans were here before America was an idea.  The Spaniards were here, but the insidious Indians of Mexico were not here until the Spanish made them slaves and brought them north.  I guess he doesn’t know the difference between Mexican and Spaniard.  That’s what you get with a Harvard education.


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