Sinking Ship

Things have not worked out for the president as he envisioned.

It’s always sad to see a falling star.  You see this in Hollywood all the time.  Actors whose services were highly sought after then, almost overnight, they can’t find a B movie to make.  You see gold record singers doing juke joints to have a place to sing.  When I was a kid flat tops were the hair style of the cool boys.  One day I looked around and I was the only burr cut left in my group.

Poor Mr. Obama has lost his status of being Mr. Cool. This week he was in New York City for a fund-raiser.  The auditorium seated 650 people.  Tickets were $100 each.  A few hours before the president spoke the number of tickets sold totaled less than half of the room.  His people quickly reduced the ticket price to $50 and still were not able to fill the room.

Can you imagine Sarah Palin drawing a crowd that small?  Her book signings were crammed with 2,000 to 3,000 people showing up.

In Ohio the same thing happened to the president.  He was speaking in a 450 seat auditorium. An hour before opening his people rushed though the school campus and rounded up 75 kids, letting them in for free to help fill the room. Even then there were empty seats.  He has lost his star power.

His key people (rats) are jumping ship at a record pace.  On Drudge this morning there was a story that David Axelrod is leaving.  Only little Timmy The Tax Cheat is left and he will leave as soon as he can find an excuse to exit.  I suspect Robert Gibbs will take Axelrod’s place.

I believe the reason Obama has been having backyard meetings is he knows he can fill those events.  I can’t imagine how sick he feels to know his popularity is so weak he can’t fill a 600 seat auditorium. Deflated, you think?  Most probably not.  He will simply blame Bush.  He may be onto something.  More folks in Ohio want Bush back than want Obama to be in power.

I’d worry about a new clan of advisors; however the next set will be more liberal and lean deeper to the left than those who are leaving. He sees his problems as not being left enough. Had he put in the Public Option, folks would love his health care program. He laments that the Stimulus Bill was not large enough.  He believes his problem stems from not spending enough. Obama is a leftist ideologue and cannot shift to the center. He is locked in extreme left and there he will remain until we vote him out of office.

In a weak moment I found myself feeling sorry for the failed leader, but then I remembered his fall is for the betterment of America.  He has to burn out, allowing us to replace him with leaders who love this country and then form our government that will make us the best Nation on earth.

The real change starts this November…  Will and Lady Lex

Ps. Another Border Mayor was killed in Mexico yesterday.  This is the fourth mayor murdered in the past six weeks along the southern border of Texas.  Yet Janet Napolitano says things are getting better in Mexico.


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