The Left Thinks We are Stupid

If John Kerry gets his way we will have a new military division.

Did you see John Kerry, who fought in Viet Nam, tell a reporter the TEA Party members are stupid and uninformed on politics or else they would see the good Obama is doing?  The guy has spent too much time in his giant yacht to really understand what’s going on.  I will challenge Senator Kerry to go to a TEA Party and ask questions. He will find the most informed people in the country.  I have a feeling this is the most informed group of people perhaps to ever live.  Books are cheap and most people can afford to buy all they have time to read.  I get dozens of emails from my readers everyday and I will promise you he would not want to argue with any of those who write me.

I’ve heard president Obama complain about how out of step we in the TEA Party are. We are so out of step that we believe in not spending money we don’t have.  If I spent more than I make, in a year or so the bank would take my ranch, even though the land is paid off in full. We no longer have debtor prison, but there are laws that will allow my property to be sold to pay off my debts.  When the Democrats spend they just print more money.

I have not seen anything on the Government trying to prevent Admadinejad meeting with Farrakham or the Black Panthers.  Where is the screaming from the left?  What is president Obama’s position on the radicals in this country meeting with a man who says he wants to bomb Israel off the map?  The president is silent, because he thinks we are stupid and will not find out about the meeting.

One more thing that chaps my butt is George Soros has a group wanting criminal charges filed against Christine O’Donnell.  Where does he get off thinking he can help steal the election by having charges filed against her?  He turns his head with Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangle. The more the left loonies like Soros go after Christine the higher she is climbing in the polls.  Because of their vitriolic hate that little lady is going to win Joe Biden’s old seat.  This time we are getting a conservative and not a RINO like Scott Brown.

Strap on your voting shoes and keep them polished. Will and Lady Lex


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