I Love Obama

I never thought I would say, “I love Obama.”  But seeing what the president has done in 19 months I have come to realize he is the best thing that could have happened to our country.  Had Hillary been president we would have grumbled and stayed angry, but Mr. Obama has pulled people from their houses and into the streets.  He has mobilized We The People like no other person could. I have to give him credit.  He, and he alone, has done more for conservatives than any other person. He has shown us what liberalism and socialism truly are.  Thank you Mr. Obama for what you have done to energize We the people.

I would never have written a blog without first seeing the destruction the Obama administration has done to this country.  I have no way of knowing but I would bet my boots, my best boots that 90% of the TEA Party folks are into the streets for the first time because of Mr. Obama.  I had never marched or attended a political rally.  I voted and stayed semi informed.  Today I consider myself very well-informed for a back woods country boy with no Ivy League eduction. Lex and I are involved in the process this year.  We have given more money than ever before trying to help good people get elected. I have even spoken at a couple of TEA Party events.  Had to stop, cause people kept pressing me to run.  I don’t need to be in Washington, I would end up punching some of those liberals in the nose.  (smile)

Obama we love you. You pushed through your health care bill when none of We the people wanted it.  Almost 70% of the American people want your health care bill repealed and replaced with one that is less expensive. You were trying to push through Cap and Tax and you came close.  Had you been successful our country may never have recovered.

650,000 people showed up at the Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin rally in Washington DC with the purpose of saying enough is enough. I have several friends who went and said it was a spiritual awaking.  Obama just finished a rally of mostly college kids in Wisconsin and he believes this will offset the TEA Party rallies.  These college kids have no motivation to go vote.  We old folks do.  We know by voting we can get rid of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid this year.  Possibly Barney Franks, he is in a tight race.  Then in two years, Mr. President we will replace you with someone who believes in smaller government, less taxes and will listen to We the people.

Mr. President we love you for waking the giant called We the People.  You can count on us voting and it’s all because of you and what we think you are trying to do to our great nation.

I’m sure you know by now 47 Democrats have joined the Republicans on voting to extend the Bush Tax Cuts; however Nancy is going to adjourn without calling a vote. This is proof to me that Harry, Nancy and Mr. Obama want to see this country go down in smoke.

Will and Lady Lex

Ps. Lex and I took two dozen goats to the Twins’ families.  Each family got a Billy and 11 young does (nannies) which will supply them with milk and meat. They should be able to sell a few from time to time.  Goats are easy to care for and each family has enough land to raise a nice herd.  My herd was getting a tad large. I doubt if we will have any more goat ropings with the Twins gone.  It just wouldn’t be the same.

Looking forward to the day when the Obamas walk off into the sunset and enjoy the good life.


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