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Why November 2nd

October 31, 2010

President Obama surrenders. He is leaving the country after elections with his entourage in 40 airplanes. Can we say excessive?

Have you ever thought of why voting day is the  first Tuesday in November?  Our early founding fathers let states set their voting dates. The only requirements were they had to vote 34 days before the electoral votes were counted.  In time parties figured out how to cheat by setting different dates in other states. In 1872 Congress decided everyone should vote on the first Tuesday in November. Their reasoning was men had to work on Saturdays and Sundays were set aside for God.  How novel that seems today.  So many in our country no longer worship on Sunday. Of course the Jews and 7th Day Adventists worship on the Sabbath. I also think the Jevohah Wittness do as well. But most  Christians worship on the first day of the week.  This might surprise some of you but Sunday is not the Sabbath. Look at your calendar.

Monday was too soon after Sunday. Many could not get to the polls if the voting was on Monday.  Tuesday was logical. November was chosen, because farmers had harvested their crops and it was too early for real heavy snow. Those who lived back then understood the common sense way. We could use more of their logic today.

Folks, let’s hope Christine O’Donnell wins. She will go immediately to Washington to vote against Harry Reid. He promised today he would push amnesty through in the lame duck session. She will be the vote we need to stop him.

I guess you heard by now about Alaska CBS.  They didn’t realize their cell phone was on while they talked about trying to find a child molester in the audience when Joe Wilson spoke.  One said maybe we can have a Ron Paul moment.  This is how low the media on the left have fallen. God help America.

Make sure you vote.  Will and Lady Lex



October 29, 2010

Isn’t she darling? Next week at this time you can call her Senator.

Lex and I have made up our minds not to do business with any company that doesn’t celebrate Christmas.  I’ve had it with Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays. I’m sure you get more than your share of Internet catalogs offering specials.  Any that don’t offer Christmas specials go immediately to the delete file. We were in San Antonio and stopped for lunch. They were hanging decorations.  The hostess told us we are hanging Holiday decorations. Lex’s eyes spit fire. She asked, why do we celebrate this season?

“Uhhh,  Christmas?”

“Right. Then why are you hanging Holiday decorations?”

“Uhhh,  we don’t want to offend anyone.”

Lex shot back, “You just did.”

We left and found a Red Lobster. At least they were not hanging decorations. I’m tired of being politically correct over Christ.  He died for my sins and I’m not worth my salt if I don’t stand up for Him.  I hope you join me in dealing ONLY with people this Christmas who honor our Lord.

Hang onto your hat.  Christine O’Donnell has cut the margin down to 9 points. The Democrats are so scared they have sent President Obama back to see if he can slow the flood.  I think she is going to win.  The tide is turning her way.  Lex and I have given again to her campaign.  By the way Coons is refusing to debate her in the last two debates scheduled. She kicked his butt the first time.  He is frightened to face her in another debate.

Will and Lady Lex

He knows he is toast. In fact there are rumors that the Democrat Party might use the 25th Amendment to have him removed before 2012.

We are getting Serviced

October 27, 2010

Joe Biden feeling up the cop next to him. Note the look the cop is giving him.

I took Lady Lex into the local Dairy Queen. We had lunch with the old retired ranchers.  One asked if he could tell us about government Services.

Naturally I suspected something was coming and told Lex to cover her ears or walk to the front if the guys got too rank.

This was not my regular story-teller, so I was not sure if I could trust him.

He felt my concern and quickly told me he respected women and didn’t feel what he had to say was out of line. It was all true.

He said, “We have the Internal Revenue Service.

The U. S. Postal Service.

Telephone Service.

Cable Service.

Civil Service.

Public Service.

Customer Service.

That’s what I thought Service meant till one of guys at this table said he hired a bull to Service a few of his cows.

Like a horse kicking me in the head it came into complete focus what those agencies mean by Service.”

I sure will miss eating at the Dairy Queen. I doubt Santa Fe has any place as colorful.

Make sure you vote to stop us being serviced.  Since Lex grew up on a working ranch she knew full well the meaning of the word Service.

Will and Lady Lex

A Very Good Reason to Vote Republican

October 26, 2010

This woman will be Speaker of the House again if you don’t go to the voting booth.  Remember, since she became Speaker of the House in 2007 Nancy Pelosi has led our country to over 5 TRILLION Dollars in DEBT! If she remains Speaker of the House we will soon be 10 TRILLION Dollars in DEBT. Lex and I have already cast our votes for conservative people. This is almost my 470th blog.  We have given money to a dozen candidates across the country.  Now it’s up to you to make sure you vote. If a conservative gets beat by two votes and you and your mate didn’t vote then you must accept your responsibility of putting Nancy Pelosi back in charge.

If seeing the above picture of this woman won’t make you vote conservative then I don’t know what will.

Will and Lady Lex

Ps. The land trade is moving forward in a positive direction.

17% Unemployment

October 25, 2010

We never watch 60 Minutes.  Today a friend sent me a clip from last night’s show. Or part of the show. I was shocked to see 60 Minutes admit that the actual unemployment rate is at 17%. I’ve been saying this for a long time, but the liberal press keeps using the number of 9.4%.  Even Gallop said the number is 10%. This figure doesn’t count the people who have given up on looking for a job or those whose 2 years of unemployment benefits have run out.

If you didn’t see the show, they featured a group called the 99ers. They have been without work for 99 weeks.  One guy, who was an executive, has finally gotten a part-time job at Target. A friend of mine, who owns a failing gallery told me his wife found a job as a grocery clerk.  They were thrilled. She has a Master’s Degree. Her new job is $9 an hour and they are happy to have it.

I was amused at 60 Minutes saying this has been the longest and flattest recession on record.  Folks, it comes down to us replacing the Obama people this November 2nd.  President Obama and his policies are killing us. Companies are afraid to spend. They don’t know what else the Democrats are going to do. The Healthcare bill is nothing but a redistribution of wealth.  No wonder many companies are opting out of the Government Healthcare plan.

If you have read this, have early voting in your area and have not voted, get off your butt and go to the polls. Otherwise, make sure and VOTE November 2nd. Every vote will count.  We will have a lot of Democrats cheating with votes.  They always do. It’s fairly common for the dead to cast Democrat votes. I’m sure this year is no exception.  There is still time to save America, but not if you stay home.

Please allow me to give you an incentive to vote conservative. The Obama camp is looking at eliminating home mortgage interest deductions and doing away with tax write-offs for children. They see this as a great way to increase our taxes and pull in more money.  Welcome to Obama World.

Will and Lady Lex

Islamic Law is a NO NO

October 24, 2010

I tip my hat to Oklahoma. This November 2nd they have a law on the ballot that would prohibit Islamic Law from ever being used in their state.  The measure puts renewed focus on those who claim Sharia law is working into European courts and will soon spread to America.  Folks, if Mr. Obama stays in office for another term we can expect him to try to slip Sharia law into our courts.

I hear there is a movement in the country for a National constitutional amendment forbidding Sharia Law from reaching our courts. I’m for that.  Of course some of my liberals will think it would be wonderful if we allow Muslim Sharia Law to be practiced in heavy Islamic populated areas.  If we open the door the virus will spread.

It’s already happening in Oklahoma. Opponents say the initiative is the latest example of Muslims being unfairly targeted and could discourage foreign companies from doing business in the state. I know that has Oklahomans shaking in their boots. There just may end up being a shortage of 7-11 clerks and Motel 6 managers.

I can’t understand why CAIR is still being allowed to operate in our country. They are part of the Muslim Brotherhood and receive funding from Hamas. CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) has joined with the NAACP in condemning the TEA Party for racism. CAIR also supported the Judge who ruled against Arizona in the illegal immigration law.

Last week Iran used Shariah Law to cut a man’s hand off for stealing.  They were planning on stoning a woman to death but International outcry stopped them.

This is enough to keep you awake at night. There are 85 Sharia Courts operating in Britain.

You may not realize, but Sharia law is already being used in the United States. We have foot baths installed in schools and airports. My question is, why don’t we see holy water fonts being placed in airports for Catholics? We have a lot more Catholics than Muslims in America. The foot baths are there because of fear of a radical Muslim blowing up the place.  The airports know that the Catholics will do a hundred rosaries for them. Catholics don’t go around blowing up things.

I find it deplorable that Americans would embrace Sharia Law, when it allows wife-beating.

I’m praying Oklahoma wins big on this law.  Then I hope the trend moves to Texas and across the United States.  If we don’t stop Sharia Law now it will be too late when we try.

Will and Lady Lex

Harry Reid Saved the Day

October 23, 2010

From Rags to Riches, Mr. Harry Reid. He is a bad example of a Mormon.

While speaking on MSNBC Mr. Reid said, “It was me that saved the world from a Great Depression.”  Too bad he couldn’t have saved his own state.  Las Vegas now has unemployment of 15%.  Thanks Harry. Without you Nevada would be about like the rest of the country at 10% unemployment. Then of course Mr. Obama slammed people who vacationed in Nevada.  Mr. Obama is responsible for at least 4% of the unemployment and Harry the other 1%.

No wonder Sharron Angle is doing so well. I think today she is up by 5 points.  Make no mistake by believing Harry will pull this out.  The highest number he has pulled is 45%.  The people of Nevada are tired of him lying. It will take 50% to win. The more people see him the less they like him. Sharron kicked his skinny butt in their debate. Sharron is a Mama Grizzly.

Remember Harry owned a piece of property on the Arizona-Nevada state line.  He got a stimulus package from the government to have a bridge built there. Guess what? Suddenly Harry’s worthless property was worth a ton.  He made a cool million dollars on the deal.

When Harry Reid left Searchlight for a job with the government he didn’t have a boot to pee in. He was dangling mighty close to poverty. Today, his net worth exceeds $6 Million.  He has used his seat in the Senate to get filthy rich.  He lives in a penthouse at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC.  He is really making sacrifices for We the People.

Mr. Obama is making his third visit today to help the man who saved the world.  This means Harry will drop a point or two in the polls.

Lady Lex and I early voted yesterday.  We voted for Bryan Underwood for District 28 and of course Rick Perry for Governor.  Make sure you vote.

Will and Lady Lex

Obama Omits Creator

October 21, 2010

In the last three speeches president Obama has given he has omitted “Creator” when quoting the Declaration of Independence. Please allow me to explain.  The Founders of our great country believed that “all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

When quoting this Mr. Obama carefully leaves out, “by their Creator.”    One time could be a mistake, two times could be explained, but Mr. Obama has done this three times. In crime and baseball, three strikes and you’re out. I suspect the omission of Creator in his lectures will come back to bite him in the rear in 2012.

He carefully removed God from his speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on September 15th.  Not a good place to do such a thing. Hispanics believe in God.

September 23 Mr. Obama removed God from the Declaration of Independence at a New York fundraiser.

Then he did the same a third time in Rockville MD while at another fund-raiser for the Maryland Democrat Senate Race.

This is part of the reason the Gallop Polls say only 39% would vote for President Obama the second term. So there is some good news on the horizon.

Where is the press?  If Christine O’Donnell had left God out of the Declaration of Independence the New York Times would have done a front page article on her being an atheist. What would the news media do if Sarah Palin had done what the president did?  How can any leading political figure remove the Creator from the Declaration of Independence?  It’s beyond my ability to answer.

By the way, NPR fired Juan Williams for saying if he is on a plane and sees several Muslims dressed in their traditional garb he gets nervous. He was being honest and they canned him. I can tell you this, if I’m on a plane and there are several Muslims chatting in their native language I would be more than nervous, I would be scared. I never watch NPR and never donate either. If you give to that left-wing, socialist outfit then I suggest you stop now.  It’s not that I like Juan Williams, if fact I can’t stand him when he is on Fox News, but he was treated unfairly.  America is about fair treatment.

On the good news side.  Cattle prices are creeping up. A great thing for me as I sell off most of my herd. (smile)

Will and Lady Lex                                         BTW: this is blog 465 for me!

What’s Happening?

October 18, 2010

I have never seen a President with such a wild look on his face.

Have you seen the deranged photos of our President on Drudge and other sites?  I have never seen a president looking so, how can I say it?  Maybe strange is the best word I can come up with.  I get the feeling his falling from the top and being near the bottom has almost destroyed him as a man. I’m concerned the stress has gotten to him. How sad it is to see such a proud man stumble. I find myself feeling sorry for the president.  I never thought that was possible.  I guess, because I never expected him to come unhinged this fast. In fact I never expected him to ever get this bad.  He is screaming at the people who attend his rallies.

Mr. Obama has been to Ohio 11 times and Biden has been there five.  Now the President and Mrs. President are back.  He knows if they lose Ohio he is doomed in 2012. No president loses Ohio in the midterms and wins the Oval Office again. His visits have not helped the Democrat candidates.  Even safe Dennis Kucinich is only up by four in one poll and even in another. If Obama goes one more time we will send Dennis home.

Even though the Democrats are saying Delaware is a lock, Mr. Obama, Michelle and Joe Biden are down there trying to get votes for the liberal Coons. They can see Christine getting closer and closer to winning. I think she will win.

One more thing. Poor Mrs. Obama has packed on some pounds. Have you seen her in slacks lately? I here to tell you that lady needs to listen to her own advice. On the other hand Mr. Obama is getting more skinny by the day.  He is a rail.

I don’t know what this has to do with voting, but ranchers are finding less and less rattlesnakes rattling before they strike. Wild pigs love snake meat and the rattlesnakes have learned to be silent to keep from becoming a pig’s dinner. There is one benefit to feral hogs. Less snakes, just more quiet.

Will and Lady Lex  (she is back)

Just had to show you this image again. Is this not frightening?

Home Alone

October 15, 2010

Only down by 11 (smile)

This is a big lonely house without my wife.  I miss her laughter and bright smile.

Today I went into town for a Dairy Queen. The old guys were at the back table and spotted me as I drove up.  I ordered a burger, fries and large vanilla milkshake. Lex will be happy to find I ate healthy while she was gone.  I joined their table. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many long faces.  They had heard about me moving and they each gave me a reason to stay.  Mostly it was the rumor of Chinese oil money.  My old rancher friend decided there was too much sadness so he asked me, “Will, did I tell you about the rancher’s wife catching him in bed with a young thang?”

I answered, “If you did I don’t remember the story.”

“Well, this rancher’s wife came home a little early from grocery shopping. She found her husband in bed with their cute little neighbor. With super-human strength, born in fury, cutting firewood, lifting sacks of feed and bales of hay, she dragged him down the stairs.  Getting a firmer grip she yanked him out the backdoor and into the barn. She jammed his manhood in a vice, then tightened the grips until they were painfully tight. She removed the handle, tossing it across the room.  Finally she picked up an old, rusty carpenter’s saw.

The beat up cheater was terrified.  He began hollering, “Stop, stop, stop! You’re not going to cut off my friend with that dull saw, are you?”

The wife, with a gleam of revenge into her eyes, put the saw in her husband’s hand and answered, ‘Nope…….You are!  I’m going to burn the barn!”

The old rancher slapped my leg and said, “I suspect now that you have a wife you won’t be bringing any beauties home with you while she is gone.”

I thanked him and tried to finish my food. I sort of lost my appetite thinking of his painful story.

Last night Sharron Angle cleaned the floor with Harry Reid in their debate. I loved it when she asked Harry, “You came to Washington from Searchlight with little money, but today you are one of the wealthiest men in Congress. How did you get so rich?”

I can tell her. He got a million dollars on a land deal for a piece of property that he had not owned in three years.  Three of his sons are Washington lobbiests and no doubt work deals with their father. Sharron is going to win that race and today the polls show Christine O’Donnell down by only 11 points. Two weeks ago she was down by 20 points.  She will end up winning in Delaware.

In Texas District 28 where I vote our guy took a big hit.  Democrat Henry Cuellar sent out two posters. One yesterday saying our guy was a convicted felon.  Which was not true. He had some problems when he was 18, but that was adjudicated.  Today I get one saying he is a tax cheat. That should make him perfect for Washington.  Most of Obama’s people are tax cheats.  The truth is he didn’t cheat on his taxes, it was a clerical error.  I checked both of these things out.  This is what we face against the Democrats. Right now we are running even with the Democrat here in District 28. I sure hope we can beat him. He has voted with Queen Pelosi on everything.

Will and Lady Lex