Murder on Lake Falcon

We are in the middle of the longest recession since the Great Depression. Thanks Obama-Biden.

Near the town of Zapata, Texas there is a huge fishing reservoir named Falcon Lake.  My Twins fished there several times. I’m not a fisherman, but I went a couple of times to be the fry cook. The lake is south of my place about 100 miles as a crow travels. In other words in my backyard.

Yesterday a couple of American citizens were Ski-jetting on Falcon Lake when they were approached by two boats from the Mexican side of the lake.  The Americans made a run, but the Mexicans shot the man in the head before he could get to shore. The American man was about 30.  The woman tried to pull her husband onto her Jetski but he was too heavy.  The man fell into the water as the wife hovered on her Jetski, then she took off at full speed to keep from being shot.  The sheriff thinks the Mexicans either took the man’s body or weighed the cadaver down so it would sink. The Mexicans wanted to destroy the evidence. No body, no crime.

This brutal murder has Lex scared.  She wants us to sell immediately and move to Santa Fe where I can paint seriously. I’ll admit, this is the first time I have been concerned. The Mexicans are less than an hour and half from our front door.  Lex and I both carry a side arm on the ranch and when we travel, but we would be no match for AK47s. When this blood shed spills over we don’t want to be in the middle.  As sure as the sun will rise that is how sure I am the Mexican blood shed is going to invade the southern part of America. Already in parts of Arizona there are signs saying it’s not safe for American Citizens to travel in the area.

I seriously doubt this murder will make national news.

I got a lot of emails on my comments about stopping making paintings to sell on eBay.  This will allow me to do some serious writing which has been on my heart for a long time. I will continue to do a few commissioned portraits.  I have come to the conclusion eBay will have to wait until the economy improves and to be truthful I don’t expect that to happen until new people in Washington can control the president’s spending addiction.  Whatever we decide I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy.  In truth there is enough work on the ranch to occupy more than we both can do.   Will and Lady Lex


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