A Horrifying Thought

I had a nightmare last night. I dreamed that Mr. Obama resigned and took Joe Biden with him.  He appointed Nancy Pelosi to fill his office and Harry Reid to take Gaffling Joe’s spot.  Mr. Obama said he was tired of people saying he was the worst president in the history of America. His idea was 3 weeks of Nancy and Harry and the right-wing Americans will be begging him to be president forever.

I woke up with live oak acorns banging the roof.  For a minute I thought someone was firing a gun, then I realized we had a strong north wind and mother nature was playing a melody on my roof.  One of the disadvantages of owning a home with a standing seam roof.  Those acorns ping and pop when the high wind slams them into the metal. The good news is the roof will last 40 years or longer.

Lex wants us to drive to Santa Fe and see what is available for lease.  I think she has her heart set on getting away from this area.  I talked this weekend with a guy who leases ranches.  He said this is not a good time to sell.   He reminded me of the beating Lex’s parents took when they sold their ranch.  His suggestion was I sell off the cattle and lease the place.  I’m tempted. If I have no blog tomorrow it will mean Lady Lex and I took off for Santa Fe. I can get the old ranchers to look after the place for a while. Besides it will be nice to spend a few days away.  Will and Lady Lex


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