Santa Fe Report

There is a small casita next to the home when Lex’s parents visit.

Here we are and the weather is delightful.  Lex went on before we left and scouted out some places for us to look at.  She suggested we look at the best one first.  It turned out we didn’t need to look at any others.

When we got into town Lex put on her tall red, high-heeled cowboy boots with the initials  L L C (Lady Lex Cooper) at the top.  I had them made for her. Her long legs and boots stopped traffic.  We ate at Geronimo’s.  High dollar little eating joint that everyone raves about.

She found a place about 13 miles out of Santa Fe just off Old Galisteo Road.  The house is breath-taking, a modern adobe with all the modern things found in expensive homes.  It comes with 450 acres which means we can bring a few cattle and our best horses.   The place has a spanking new barn and all the fences are in excellent condition.  There is a nice little lake that never goes dry due to the snow melt off and a spring.

The house is about 4,000 sq ft, which is larger than we need.  It also has a 5 car garage.  That we definitely have no need for.  I don’t even use my garage back home.  Lex says with the snow and salt on the roads it would be wise to keep our trucks and trailers in a garage. She knows, she lived in NYC.

I’m going to give the owners earnest money and tie the place up until we have had time to figure out what we will do.

The house was built by a rich lawyer from Houston.  They only stayed in the house a month or so.  After they got the house built just the way the wife wanted it, she divorced him.  He never wanted the house in the first place.  The most interesting thing to me is the home comes with an artist’s studio. The ex-wife wanted to move to Santa Fe and become an artist.  The studio even has nice north light windows.  Lex is ready to move next week.  I have a lot to do before we can move.

I will say the ranch has not been the same since I lost the Twins.  I didn’t realize the pain would remain in my frontal lobe this long.  Anyway it’s ours for now.

One of my readers sent me some poll numbers on Sarah Palin and how she couldn’t win.  I had already seen the numbers.  In fact I’m amazed they are that high when you consider the daily pounding by the liberal press and all the people who are scared of  her power.  My reader suggested the founder of God Father Pizza would be a good choice for the Republicans.  This you need to know.  If Sarah runs there is no current Republican who can beat her.  Second, no Republican will get elected unless she/he has the blessing of the TEA Party.

Frankly I’m not concerned about 2012. Right now my concern is November 2 this year.  Let’s get the mid-term elections over and then look at who is going to replace Mr. Obama.  He is a one term president.  Will Hillary challenge him? If she does she will be the Democrat nominee.

Will and Lady Lex, a long way from home.


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