Save Joe’s Job

The truth of the matter is Joe Biden’s job is not at risk.  I realize a lot of Washington bloggers have been saying the president is going switch Mrs. Clinton’s and Vice President Joe Biden’s jobs, but that can’t happen.  There is no law that allows an elected vice president just to change jobs on a whim. Keep in mind Joe Biden is the most qualified person in the White House.  Joe is much wiser on International affairs than President Obama.  Besides it’s just not legal to switch offices.

There is speculation it’s going to be a Clinton/Obama ticket in 2012.  Makes good copy. I think the truth is Hillary might challenge the president and run on her own. If she waits till 2016 she is going to be an old woman. These past two years she has really aged. I have an idea Mrs. Clinton is using her current position to travel the world and get to know the leaders on a first name basis.  She will be much more qualified to be president in 2012 than Mr. Obama. If Hillary runs it will be for the highest office. She will not be the number the 2 person for Mr. Obama.

It’s no hidden secret that the Clintons loath Mr. Obama. It will not come as a surprise to me if Hillary steps down for private reasons early in 2011. Shortly there after she will put her name in the presidential race. That’s the job Hillary covets.

One more thing. I get a lot of emails talking about getting Mr. Obama out of office.  Folks, Mr. Obama will remain president until January 2013. Even then the only way he will leave is for We the People to vote him out of office.  He will not be impeached, so save your impeachment message for someone who is dumb enough to believe we will impeach a sitting president.  If Mr. Obama were impeached we would see bloodshed like the Civil War only this time it would take place daily instead of two or three times a year. Thousands of innocent citizens would be killed in the rage found in the streets.  Hold your water and make sure you vote when it counts. I get the feeling some of you think we can say we are tired of the president and he will resign.  Bill Clinton was vilified in office, yet he served his 8 years. The left destroyed George Bush and he lasted 8 years. If we don’t vote Mr. Obama out of office we will have him 8 years.

I have no personal feelings about the president other than I think he is doing  a weak job leading our nation out of the recession. Frankly I don’t think he understands what a recession is or has even the slightest idea of how to stop one.  Gallop says unemployment is 10.1%. You can’t use government money and spend the country free of  recession.  Mr. Obama has never ran a company and is totally unqualified to run a nation. I’m willing to use the voting process to make the necessary changes needed to get us back on the right track.  Please, no more impeachment talk.  Trust me on this, impeachment is not going to happen. Spend your effort and time getting every one you know to vote conservatives in to office this November 2nd. We will worry about 2012 at a later time.

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Will and Lady Lex

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