Golfer In Chief

He needs a vacation.

Including his most recent outing our president just played his 53rd golf set. Or is it round?  I’m not a golfer so I don’t know the term used when a guy plays 18 holes of golf.  Now this doesn’t count the hours and hours he has spent on the backyard lawn of the White House practicing his putts.  The poor guy is exhausted. On November 3rd he is leaving for 12 days in Asia. He needs some rest.  I’m just thinking of his welfare when I help vote him out of office in 2012.  Let’s give him a long rest. He can play golf every day and not worry about someone catching him smoking.  I want to start a movement. Give Mr. Obama a permanent Vacation in Two Years.

Obama says there will be no cost of living increase again this year for the old folks on Social Security.  I hope you Seniors will remember this when you vote this year.

I tried to download the image of a book being thrown at the president, but I couldn’t figure out what file to use.  I get the feeling the book toss was a political stunt. The FBI and Secret Service can’t find who threw the book.  Amazing that no one saw the culprit.  I think there really was a book tossed, but the tosser was part of the Obama team. He or she was surrounded by SEIU Members or maybe they did the tossing.  How dumb do they think we are?

Then there is that dude who streaked nude at one of his speeches.  This is another plant to get extra attention drawn to the president.  I guess the Democrats are so desperate they are pulling out all the attention gimmicks they can come up with.

I’m home alone. Lex drove up to spend the night with her parents. They will go to Santa Fe tomorrow.  I’m expecting the rich lawyer to call me tonight and he possibly will be here Tuesday (tomorrow).  He seems excited at the thought of the trade.  Lex is so pumped she can’t sleep.  Me? Well, I’m sorta attached to the cactus and rattlesnakes. I hope we don’t run into a den of snakes while I’m showing the lawyer the property.  I do hope we see some fine deer. (smile)

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