Rallying the Base

Mr. Obama has milked the American economy dry, but isn’t smart enough to see the damage he has done.

New Break: The Mexican Inspector General, Ruben Rios, who was in charge of the David Hartley murder case was delivered to the police station in a suitcase. His head had been cut off.  This is justice Mexican style. David Hartley is the man who was shot on Falcon Lake by Mexicans in a boat.  His wife escaped.

Mr. Obama recently did a long interview in Rolling Stone Magazine where he tells all the grand things he has done for the party since he was sworn in. At the top of the list is the abominable Obama Care Bill.  I saw a poll flash on the television that said only 18% of the American people now think his Obama Care is a good deal.  I didn’t get to see who did the poll, but it was a major pollster.  Many Democrat Congress-folks are joining with the Republicans in an effort to repeal the fraudulent health bill.

Mr. Obama has returned to give a pitch to the Democrat base.  In his pep talk he explained what all he has done, leaving out the ugly parts.  According to him he saved the world from collapsing and he kept us out of another Great Depression.  He saved the car companies.  He failed to mention Ford took none of his buyout and they have thrived. Ford never missed a beat and now the Obama clan are trying to say it was what they did that made Ford a success. Let’s face it, Hope and Change has turned into Anger and Doubt.  Only a few die-hard Democrats are still clinging to the Obama Myth. I think he is still popular with college kids who are not working for a living.  I no longer hear older Democrats making excuses for the horrible economy.

Mr. Obama gave General Electric $25 Billion stimulus dollars and they fired 18,000 workers.  This is how the Stimulus Bill works.

One thing Mr. Obama and his smart people don’t realize is We The People don’t want the government doing for us. We want the government to step aside and let us do for ourselves. As an old rancher recently said, “Git out of my way and I’ll take care of my business.”

Here is a leader who cannot get one Democrat candidate to have their photo taken with him.  I haven’t been around long enough to have seen it all but I can read and no other president has caused so many Democrats to have something else to do when he came to town. They know being seen with Mr. Obama  is the kiss of defeat.

Now Mr Obama is going down to Delaware to campaign for Chris Coons who is running against Christine O’Donnell. You know what this means?  Coons is in trouble and since Obama will be down there campaigning Christine will win. Everyone who Obama campaigns for loses.  So things are looking up in Delaware. (smile)

Most of Mr. Obama’s charm left him when he signed the Obama Care Bill.   It was like his power was in his left hand and all of his energy escaped through the open pens.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand, is growing in grace and power.  Candidates are begging her to come help.  Without question Sarah is the most powerful voice in America today.

We have three weeks.  Spread the word, we can’t afford two more years of a Democrat controlled House and Senate. Then in 2012 we will vote Mr. Obama a long, long vacation.

Will and Lady Lex

Does he look stoned or is he just tired?


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