Today Was the Day

After visiting with my CPA he told me the deal was too complicated for him. He recommended a Real Estate Lawyer from Austin who deals with ranches.  I called the Austin guy to met with me and the group from Houston. The Houston lawyer brought three guys. They looked like body guards, but I think they were partners with him in some other business deals.

They briefly looked at the house and seemed to be totally lost with my barns. I saddled six horses, giving them the most relaxed and gentle ones I have.  We rode the 1,500 acres we are talking trade on.  I had forgotten I have a fence that cuts off 1,600 acres from the other pastures, so the Houston bunch wanted to ride the rest of the property. We saw a lot of does and fawns in the main section, but when we looked at the last 875 acres it was like I had planted big bucks. My photos only do partial justice to the ones we saw.  The guys from Houston had never seen white tail like I have on my place.  The moment the Boss saw the big bucks his heart began to race and trade talk increased. He was amazed at how tame my deer are.  They never get shot at so they have no reason to fear. From time to time the twins would harvest a doe to eat, but not enough to cause panic in the herd.

Lex called last night and her mom and dad think the new ranch would be ideal for us.  They loved the view and what’s not to love about the house?

Here is what we have worked out so far.  I trade him 1,600 acres and the house for his place. Both places as is.  He is going to purchase the 875 acres remaining at a fair market price.  He did let it slip on his plans to sell deer leases. Like I couldn’t tell the moment my big bucks lit up his face. I still owe $160,000 on the house.  I’ll pay that off so the deal can be made with no hidden factors.

Also I think he has another reason to press to close the sale as fast as possible. I have a feeling he thinks I don’t know about the China Oil deal.  China is spending about a billion dollars down in this area exploring for oil and gas.  I’m in the general area where they will start buying leases.  I guess if money was my god I’d stay and drag in every dollar I could. Lex is ready for us to travel and let me show her the world. Even though she was a fairly well known print model she has never really traveled. After we get the deal made and the elections over she wants to spend a couple of months in Hawaii. We will spend time on all six islands.

I left it with my lawyer and him to work up the papers.  We hired an independent cattle appraiser to tell us what the herd is worth.  He wants to buy my livestock, which includes a few goats, about a dozen horses and 500 head of cattle.

Lex and I have decided to make the deal now. If we wait until after January the Bush tax cuts will run out and the trade will cost us a lot in extra taxes. I believe that Mr. Obama is going to let the tax cuts expire. Now is the time for us to deal. Besides, I want to get it done while those Houston guys can still move. They obviously hadn’t ridden much and we spent several hours in the saddle. They are going to be too sore to move for the next several days.

So the deal is being finalized. Now it’s up to the lawyers and survey people to get it all worked out. In the meantime I have a ranch to run and we all have an election to win. We have come too far not to vote.  We have less than three weeks to save our country. It’s time you start telling everyone you know to vote and vote conservative. We have to change Washington.  I heard the president asking for another $80 billion stimulus for roads and bridges.  I thought that was what the $800 Billion stimulus was for.

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