Say It Ain’t So … Joe

Vice President Joe Biden told the UK Telegraph, “He wants me.”  Referring to a question about Mr. Obama changing Vice Presidents in 2012.

Mr. Biden didn’t stop there. He went on to say he would be running for the president’s job in 2016.   Joe will be 75.

I think the guy is delusional.  In the Woodward book the author said Mr. Obama won’t even talk to Biden. If Mr. Biden wants to speak with the president he has to wander in the halls of the White House and jump the president to get a few words with him. According to Woodward Mr. Obama can’t stand Biden’s stupidity.  Mr. Biden is a walking gaff. I’ve never seen a public figure make so many public blunders.  If I were a betting man I’d make book that Biden is out in two years, if not earlier.  He may be asked to step down and Mr. Obama serve the remainder of his term with no vice president.  President John Tyler never had a vice president and he was responsible for the annexation of Texas into the Union.

Some say Biden will run in 2016, but he will be 75 then. Considering how well he did the times before I think he needs to grab his retirement check and stay home.

Hillary is running from Obama. She is not going to be his vice president in 2012.  She is going to run against him. Deep down the Clintons feel he stole Hillary’s job.

Lex thinks we might need to hold onto the extra acres instead of selling them.  I have mixed feelings, because our place is at the edge of where the Chinese are buying leases. They are paying between $1,000 and $4,000 an acre for mineral rights to explore the shale for oil and gas. They have $2.2 Billion to lease 600,000 acres.

Lex and her parents are having a great time. It’s the first trip to Santa Fe for her parents. Her dad thinks the town is filled with too many drop-outs and is overall a dirty town. I’ll admit there are a lot of old Love Children who are now in their 60ies hanging out on the streets.  Not as beggars, but rather as upscale tourists trying to kick back and smoke a little pot.

Lex asked Carefree Joe to stay on at the Santa Fe place. We will give him and his wife a raise.  He told her the ranch can handle 80 head of cattle.  He showed her the tall grass in the valley.  We might increase our herd to 70 to be on the safe side.

One more thing. The lawyer from Houston and his men were blown away by my solar water wells.  They had never seen a solar well.  He also was impressed that about half of my ranch has deer fence.  He wanted to know how much it would take to fence the rest. I told him prices had changed. I suggested he get a few bids and gave him three companies in the area that build deer fences.

For you on the left, foreclosures reached 340,000 this quarter and jobless claims are up again.  This sure is a slow recovery.  Feels a lot like a real recession. In a one block area in my little town I saw 3 stores close this month.  A little mom-pop cafe, a small retail store and a party house that catered to birthdays and special events. I bet these stores would say we are definitely in a recession.

Will and Lady Lex


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