What’s Happening?

I have never seen a President with such a wild look on his face.

Have you seen the deranged photos of our President on Drudge and other sites?  I have never seen a president looking so, how can I say it?  Maybe strange is the best word I can come up with.  I get the feeling his falling from the top and being near the bottom has almost destroyed him as a man. I’m concerned the stress has gotten to him. How sad it is to see such a proud man stumble. I find myself feeling sorry for the president.  I never thought that was possible.  I guess, because I never expected him to come unhinged this fast. In fact I never expected him to ever get this bad.  He is screaming at the people who attend his rallies.

Mr. Obama has been to Ohio 11 times and Biden has been there five.  Now the President and Mrs. President are back.  He knows if they lose Ohio he is doomed in 2012. No president loses Ohio in the midterms and wins the Oval Office again. His visits have not helped the Democrat candidates.  Even safe Dennis Kucinich is only up by four in one poll and even in another. If Obama goes one more time we will send Dennis home.

Even though the Democrats are saying Delaware is a lock, Mr. Obama, Michelle and Joe Biden are down there trying to get votes for the liberal Coons. They can see Christine getting closer and closer to winning. I think she will win.

One more thing. Poor Mrs. Obama has packed on some pounds. Have you seen her in slacks lately? I here to tell you that lady needs to listen to her own advice. On the other hand Mr. Obama is getting more skinny by the day.  He is a rail.

I don’t know what this has to do with voting, but ranchers are finding less and less rattlesnakes rattling before they strike. Wild pigs love snake meat and the rattlesnakes have learned to be silent to keep from becoming a pig’s dinner. There is one benefit to feral hogs. Less snakes, just more quiet.

Will and Lady Lex  (she is back)

Just had to show you this image again. Is this not frightening?


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