Harry Reid Saved the Day

From Rags to Riches, Mr. Harry Reid. He is a bad example of a Mormon.

While speaking on MSNBC Mr. Reid said, “It was me that saved the world from a Great Depression.”  Too bad he couldn’t have saved his own state.  Las Vegas now has unemployment of 15%.  Thanks Harry. Without you Nevada would be about like the rest of the country at 10% unemployment. Then of course Mr. Obama slammed people who vacationed in Nevada.  Mr. Obama is responsible for at least 4% of the unemployment and Harry the other 1%.

No wonder Sharron Angle is doing so well. I think today she is up by 5 points.  Make no mistake by believing Harry will pull this out.  The highest number he has pulled is 45%.  The people of Nevada are tired of him lying. It will take 50% to win. The more people see him the less they like him. Sharron kicked his skinny butt in their debate. Sharron is a Mama Grizzly.

Remember Harry owned a piece of property on the Arizona-Nevada state line.  He got a stimulus package from the government to have a bridge built there. Guess what? Suddenly Harry’s worthless property was worth a ton.  He made a cool million dollars on the deal.

When Harry Reid left Searchlight for a job with the government he didn’t have a boot to pee in. He was dangling mighty close to poverty. Today, his net worth exceeds $6 Million.  He has used his seat in the Senate to get filthy rich.  He lives in a penthouse at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC.  He is really making sacrifices for We the People.

Mr. Obama is making his third visit today to help the man who saved the world.  This means Harry will drop a point or two in the polls.

Lady Lex and I early voted yesterday.  We voted for Bryan Underwood for District 28 and of course Rick Perry for Governor.  Make sure you vote.

Will and Lady Lex


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