Islamic Law is a NO NO

I tip my hat to Oklahoma. This November 2nd they have a law on the ballot that would prohibit Islamic Law from ever being used in their state.  The measure puts renewed focus on those who claim Sharia law is working into European courts and will soon spread to America.  Folks, if Mr. Obama stays in office for another term we can expect him to try to slip Sharia law into our courts.

I hear there is a movement in the country for a National constitutional amendment forbidding Sharia Law from reaching our courts. I’m for that.  Of course some of my liberals will think it would be wonderful if we allow Muslim Sharia Law to be practiced in heavy Islamic populated areas.  If we open the door the virus will spread.

It’s already happening in Oklahoma. Opponents say the initiative is the latest example of Muslims being unfairly targeted and could discourage foreign companies from doing business in the state. I know that has Oklahomans shaking in their boots. There just may end up being a shortage of 7-11 clerks and Motel 6 managers.

I can’t understand why CAIR is still being allowed to operate in our country. They are part of the Muslim Brotherhood and receive funding from Hamas. CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) has joined with the NAACP in condemning the TEA Party for racism. CAIR also supported the Judge who ruled against Arizona in the illegal immigration law.

Last week Iran used Shariah Law to cut a man’s hand off for stealing.  They were planning on stoning a woman to death but International outcry stopped them.

This is enough to keep you awake at night. There are 85 Sharia Courts operating in Britain.

You may not realize, but Sharia law is already being used in the United States. We have foot baths installed in schools and airports. My question is, why don’t we see holy water fonts being placed in airports for Catholics? We have a lot more Catholics than Muslims in America. The foot baths are there because of fear of a radical Muslim blowing up the place.  The airports know that the Catholics will do a hundred rosaries for them. Catholics don’t go around blowing up things.

I find it deplorable that Americans would embrace Sharia Law, when it allows wife-beating.

I’m praying Oklahoma wins big on this law.  Then I hope the trend moves to Texas and across the United States.  If we don’t stop Sharia Law now it will be too late when we try.

Will and Lady Lex


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