A Very Good Reason to Vote Republican

This woman will be Speaker of the House again if you don’t go to the voting booth.  Remember, since she became Speaker of the House in 2007 Nancy Pelosi has led our country to over 5 TRILLION Dollars in DEBT! If she remains Speaker of the House we will soon be 10 TRILLION Dollars in DEBT. Lex and I have already cast our votes for conservative people. This is almost my 470th blog.  We have given money to a dozen candidates across the country.  Now it’s up to you to make sure you vote. If a conservative gets beat by two votes and you and your mate didn’t vote then you must accept your responsibility of putting Nancy Pelosi back in charge.

If seeing the above picture of this woman won’t make you vote conservative then I don’t know what will.

Will and Lady Lex

Ps. The land trade is moving forward in a positive direction.


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