We are getting Serviced

Joe Biden feeling up the cop next to him. Note the look the cop is giving him.

I took Lady Lex into the local Dairy Queen. We had lunch with the old retired ranchers.  One asked if he could tell us about government Services.

Naturally I suspected something was coming and told Lex to cover her ears or walk to the front if the guys got too rank.

This was not my regular story-teller, so I was not sure if I could trust him.

He felt my concern and quickly told me he respected women and didn’t feel what he had to say was out of line. It was all true.

He said, “We have the Internal Revenue Service.

The U. S. Postal Service.

Telephone Service.

Cable Service.

Civil Service.

Public Service.

Customer Service.

That’s what I thought Service meant till one of guys at this table said he hired a bull to Service a few of his cows.

Like a horse kicking me in the head it came into complete focus what those agencies mean by Service.”

I sure will miss eating at the Dairy Queen. I doubt Santa Fe has any place as colorful.

Make sure you vote to stop us being serviced.  Since Lex grew up on a working ranch she knew full well the meaning of the word Service.

Will and Lady Lex


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