Isn’t she darling? Next week at this time you can call her Senator.

Lex and I have made up our minds not to do business with any company that doesn’t celebrate Christmas.  I’ve had it with Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays. I’m sure you get more than your share of Internet catalogs offering specials.  Any that don’t offer Christmas specials go immediately to the delete file. We were in San Antonio and stopped for lunch. They were hanging decorations.  The hostess told us we are hanging Holiday decorations. Lex’s eyes spit fire. She asked, why do we celebrate this season?

“Uhhh,  Christmas?”

“Right. Then why are you hanging Holiday decorations?”

“Uhhh,  we don’t want to offend anyone.”

Lex shot back, “You just did.”

We left and found a Red Lobster. At least they were not hanging decorations. I’m tired of being politically correct over Christ.  He died for my sins and I’m not worth my salt if I don’t stand up for Him.  I hope you join me in dealing ONLY with people this Christmas who honor our Lord.

Hang onto your hat.  Christine O’Donnell has cut the margin down to 9 points. The Democrats are so scared they have sent President Obama back to see if he can slow the flood.  I think she is going to win.  The tide is turning her way.  Lex and I have given again to her campaign.  By the way Coons is refusing to debate her in the last two debates scheduled. She kicked his butt the first time.  He is frightened to face her in another debate.

Will and Lady Lex

He knows he is toast. In fact there are rumors that the Democrat Party might use the 25th Amendment to have him removed before 2012.


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