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Thanks Butch

November 30, 2010

Thanks Janet for this thought-provoking cartoon. What will birds do when we go wireless?

Butch reminded me of the Target Stores not allowing Salvation Army Red Kettles in front of their FRENCH owned store. Say what you will about the Dallas Cowboys but Jerry Jones does the Thanksgiving halftime as a fund-raiser for the Salvation Army. Jones raises thousands of dollars.

Target Stores won’t let U S Marines raise money for children’s toys. Why should we spend our hard-earned money with those Frenchmen?  Doesn’t good old American Wal-Mart sell about the same stuff with better prices?

Today I warned a friend about what he said in his email. I understood his intended pun, but it could be interrupted by the Feds as something negative. Make sure you are careful what you say and how you write things. I know he didn’t want anyone killed, but if the government wishes they can twist things. A few years ago a preacher from San Diego was using bible verses saying we were in a spiritual war. The government convicted him and he spent three years in jail. You and I know he was talking about evil, but slick government lawyers used his own words to put him away.

Our hardest votes will come in two years. We have one more window of opportunity to vote the liberals out of power and we can’t afford to let this one get past us. Frankly the House is powerless to repeal the Healthcare bill. The Senate is still in Democrat hands and so is the office of the president. Mr. Obama will veto any thing the House sends to him.

Finally I got a long email from a Muslim woman, who I assume is an American citizen. She was defending the Muslims as a nation of peace.  Perhaps so, but all the recent bombing attempts and soldier killings in America were done by Muslim men.  You don’t see any Christians wanting to blow up a Christmas tree and kill hundreds, or bring down an airplane.

Will and Lady Lex


Would you Believe?

November 28, 2010

We do have the best military in the world.

Would you believe Commander In Chief, Barack H. Obama failed to salute the young man who he hung the Medal of Honor on?  That’s correct, when the president honored Staff Sargent Salvatore Giunta with the Medal of Honor he dismissed the young hero without giving him the customary salute.  Even Bill Clinton would have saluted the young hero. I believe our president has zero respect for the brave young men and women who serve this country with such honor.  I get the feeling the president wouldn’t even salute the officers when he gets off Air Force One or Marine One if there were no cameras.  He does everything for the cameras. He simply forgot when he was hanging the medal around the hero’s neck.

I will have some left apologist make up excuses for the president, but for me there are none. He is the Commander-in-Chief. It’s expected of him to salute the Medal of Honor recipient.

We have to live with Mr. Obama for two more years. Let’s make the best of it, then make sure he is one and done. We cannot let down now. The job is not finished until we vote in a conservative president.

Will and Lady Lex

Will IT be Sarah?

November 27, 2010

Sarah is doing a book tour in Iowa and New Hampshire.  Do you think that means she is going to run?

I don’t know if her show Alaska is hurting or helping.  Lex and I have enjoyed seeing the show.  I had no idea how large halibut are or how they were harvested. I assumed they were caught in a net.  Loved seeing her shoot.  This proved to me she was not just hot air about hunting.  When her turn came to whack the halibut she didn’t hesitate.

I keep coming back to the same question. What Republican can beat her if she starts to campaign?  Even though George Sr and Barbara Bush told her to stay in Alaska and that they are behind Milt means nothing. Sarah called them what they are, Blue-Bloods. George W. has a connection with the common man but Milt and George Sr are Kennebunk Port folks. They know nothing of our struggles. You can’t be Governor of Texas and be an elitist.  We elect ranchers, farmers and country girls like Ann Richards. Rick Perry was a farmer and Texas A&M Yell Leader. Bush a baseball team owner.

I think we will know who is in the race by the first of the year. Mr. Obama has already started running. The truth of the matter is he never stopped.

By the way, we dodged a freeze last night, so I still have a nice supply of homegrown tomatoes. I raised enough this year to share with my neighbors. When the grasshoppers struck I used Ortho Max. No organic stuff for me. I wanted something to kill those pesky creatures.  I got big red tomatoes to prove how well it and Miracle Gro Tomato food works.

I’m having second thoughts, it was 7 degrees in Santa Fe last night.  Lex said,  “That is what cruises are for.”

Will and Lex

Super Trip

November 26, 2010

This cartoon is from Australia.  They have a good feel for what’s happening here.


My Dallas Cowboys came from 17 points down to take the lead with three minutes left to play. The Saints Drew Brees only needed one of those minutes to retake the lead. Even though Dallas lost we really enjoyed the game. If you ever get an opportunity to see the new Cowboy stadium it’s a must you go. You don’t have to be a football fan. They have boxing and basketball games in the giant showplace. Lex’s mom and dad were stunned. There is a giant screen down the middle of the field.  It’s 60 yards long and 20 yards tall.  You can see the color of the players’ eyes. Jerry Jones spent $1.3 Billion on the stadium.  The half time meal was amazing. They brought us big trays that were filled with turkey and all the trimmings. Even a bowl of fresh black-eyed peas. Definitely more food than we could eat.  I think Lex’s father was most impressed with the meal.

We drove home after the game and were exhausted. I didn’t get up till almost 7 and Lex stayed in bed a little longer. I did take time to feed ‘Ol Bandit before we crashed. His little skinny body was thrilled for the food.  The news says it will get down to 30 degrees tonight and down to 25 north of San Antonio.  Lex wanted to let Bandit into the house. I tossed a towel in the south corner of the back porch for him to sleep on.

Will and Tired Lex




November 24, 2010

We at the Cooper Ranch want you all to have a wonderful, stress free Thanksgiving.  Lex and I are going to drive to Dallas tonight and go to the Dallas Cowboys game tomorrow. Actually Lex is packing her stuff while I write this blog.  I purchased four seats so her mom and dad can join us. I got a deal with the Cowboy Stadium where they serve us Thanksgiving dinner at halftime. I’ve never eaten dinner in a football stadium. This is a first.

I was thinking today as I was plowing some stubble under how much Obama has changed our country. I never thought there would be a day when Americans were afraid to fly, because a government agent was going to be fondling their private parts. The insanity of making an autistic 5-year-old take off his shirt to be subjected to a full body pat down is un-American. There are so many horrible stories of pat down abuse I’ve stopped reading them. I am powerless to stop that foolishness.

The only people who have tried to blow up any airplanes are Muslim. Why is the government missing the key to the solution? Profile Muslims and you have a great chance of preventing any disaster. Grandma Moses is not apt to suddenly turn into a killer.  If I keep on my blood pressure will go through the roof.

May Christ Bless you and yours, Will and Lady Lex

Travel Bug

November 23, 2010

How to deal with the TSA.

Several of you gave me great travel tips and a few said I’d be missed. Lex is looking at some small, lightweight laptops. They have some wonderful 10″ but my fingers are too big for those little keyboards. She told me about a larger, paperweight laptop. It’s a tad expensive, but sure would be nice on the trip. If I heard her right it’s a 15″ screen and weighs 2.5 pounds. It’s our understanding the ship will be wireless almost everywhere we travel. If so I can still blog. I just won’t receive emails and deal with that kind of stuff.

She is working on a special price for a suite with a balcony. On cruises a balcony is a must. You can have your coffee on your deck in your robe and watch the world sail past.

I don’t know if I told you, I hired a guy with a bulldozer to dig me a deep hole. I then shoved the tractor my man died on into it and had the hole covered. I asked the local marble guy to make me a marker to put on the mound. I want people years from now to know a good man was killed on this spot.  I can’t pass that spot and not shed some tears. Those two men meant a lot to me.  I was able to tell both of them how much I loved them before they went home. Call me a sissy, but where I come from men do cry.

I’m too upset at the government to write what I feel. How dare our own government sexually molest thousands of its citizens when they fly. Now I understand Muslim women are exempt from pat downs or naked scans. I have one question. When is the last time a non-Muslim tried to blow up an airplane? The answer is NEVER.  Does our government not realize we now have women suicide bombers?  By Christmas you can expect a Muslim woman or women to begin blowing up airplanes. No scanning, no pat downs. They are free to bomb away.

Will and Traveling Lex

Problem Solved

November 22, 2010

Cunard has a ‘Round the World’ package. This way we won’t have to be molested in an airport.

Some of the folks at church just returned from a cruise to Alaska and were raving about their trip. I’ve been on several cruises years ago, but Lex has never been on one. On the way home she asked, “What about us going around the world on a cruise ship?”

She got my mind turning so I asked her to see what she could find. Trust that woman to come up with something expensive. She is working with Cunard Lines about a 108 day cruise. The cruise would leave Los Angeles and end up in Fort Lauderdale.  I cannot begin to tell you the Ports-of-call, but she is able to pick and choose.  She has spent hours on the phone with the booking agent. We supply them our passports and they will get the visas for all the countries we will need them for. I do know the first stop is a week in the Fuji Islands. Ooops, Lex just said we would stop in Hawaii and then Fuji.  I knew better than to try and tell you where all we will travel.

Her mom and dad have agreed to drive us to California and pick us up in Florida. This way we never get molested in an airport. On ships you only get scanned by hand for guns. We’ve made a vow to each other to exercise daily. It’s very easy to get FAT on a cruise ship. For those of you who have never been on one, there are tons of food from early morning until the midnight buffet.  No place in the world serves better desserts than on a cruise ship and Cunard is the cream on the top of all cruises.  I don’t dare tell you how much the cruise will cost. Way too much, but I look at it as a honeymoon to remember.

The land swap is looking very strong. With the possibility of this long cruise I’m not going to move any cattle to New Mexico.  We will buy a starter herd once we are back and can care for them.

This place has never been the same since I lost the twins  (the men who worked for me for you newcomers).

Will and Traveling Lex

The Democrats are Cooked

November 19, 2010

Just too good not to post. You know the Democrats are toast with this man as their leader.

My favorite lefty, a college student, took umbrage with me saying Obama had to be on the Texas Presidential ticket to win. I stand by that. It’s not the electoral votes he would lose in Texas but the flood of states demanding he show them a real birth certificate, not the computer generated one he is using. Does anyone seriously think there would not be an outcry heard around the world if Mr. Obama was not able to show Texas and Arizona a real, hospital granted, long-form birth certificate?  He doesn’t have to get the Texas electoral votes, but he does have to get approved to run in this state.  If he failed to show proof in Texas, dozens of states, including Florida and Virginia would stop him being on their ballot.  He could still get California, New York and probably Vermont, but that’s about it.You know Oklahoma and the new governor in New Mexico would follow Texas. Do you seriously think Bobby Jindal and Haley Barber wouldn’t demand the same thing?  He would be toast. In fact he already is toast. He is the nearest thing to a one and done president of anyone in the last 100 years.  Jimmy Carter had a better chance at this time in his presidency.

Frankly I don’t have a clue where he was born and neither do the majority of Americans. What brought this about was my comment saying Texas is going to vote on making Presidential candidates show a certified birth certificate in order to get on our ballot.

The Democrats are in panic mode. They know Mr. Obama is destroying the party and they don’t know how to stop him. Now that President Bush is doing his book tour the people are seeing what a president should act like. Bush has not said a rash word against Mr. Obama, it’s destroying Barack’s image. The book tour has come at a bad time for the current administration. Florida Senator Bill Nelson said that Obama is toxic for the Democrat Party. David Horwitz said today, “the Democrats will go the way of the Whigs.” They can thank  Barney, Nancy, Harry and Mr. Obama for their demise.

Lady Lex and I had planned to do some serious traveling once we get moved, but now with this airline stuff she is concerned about flying. She doesn’t want some lesbian feeling her crouch or fondling her breasts. I darn sure don’t want some homosexual getting his kicks feeling my butt or rubbing my private parts. I don’t mind them imaging my body, but Lex does. She doesn’t want her nude body to show up some day on Wikinudes. You know some one will get the images and link them to the Web. It’s just a matter of time.

Will and Lady Lex

Canadian View

November 17, 2010

Pat from NC sent this image.  It’s the view of Mount Rushmore from Canada.


Things are falling into place.  Nancy Pelosi is back in a leadership role.  This lets you know just out of touch with the people the Democrats are. She has a 6% approval rating and the last time I checked that was dropping. This is perfect.  With Nancy and  Harry back in front of the Nation there will be no disbanding of the TEA Party.  I think these two will give us an incentive to work harder these next two years than we did the first two.  Now we understand their dirty tricks and paid Union helpers.

I suggest we write Nancy and Harry thank you notes for making sure Mr. Obama is one and done. They will be the driving force for us to get out the vote in 2012.

Texas State Representative Berman has introduced a bill requiring any presidential candidate to provide a real birth certificate. They will not accept those done on a computer. If Texas passes this and Rick signs it into law we will finally get the answer. The presidency could be won by skipping Arizona, but not by conceding all of Texas.

Finally in response to Mr. Obama saying, “Seems some people in DC talk about me like I’m a dog.”

Fred Thompson had the best reply, “Maybe it’s because he keeps treating this country like a fire hydrant.”

Have a great evening.  Will and Lady Lex

Guess Who Sneaked Back into the White House?

November 15, 2010

Remember the couple who sneaked into the White House with no credentials. They are still there.

Two Democrat pollsters have recommended Mr. Obama not run a second term. I find it amazing how many Democrats want him out of office. There is a ground swell to get him not to run in 2012. The Republicans are silent because they know he will be easy to beat if we can get a good person on our side to run for the top job.

One of my readers said he was insulted I talked so much about Mr. Obama and his teleprompter. If Mr. Obama would do like all the other presidents and give unimportant speeches without one I would stop.

Another reader suggested Jim DeMint for president. Lex and I could vote for him. His problem would be getting the RINO Republicans to back his run. Same for Sarah. We watched her Alaska show today at lunch. We TIVOed it last night. Loved the show.

Loved seeing my Cowboys finally getting a win.

And…We love you folks too, Will and Lady Lex

PS. Thanks to a NC reader for the image of the Obamas.