Yep, you have been fired Ms. Pelosi.


We went to the non victory party of the guy we have been helping. He was up against a Mexican in a highly populated Mexican District. Our district reaches from the southern part of Bexar County to McAllen and Laredo. Our opponent’s brother is the Sheriff of Laredo. We ended up with 46% of the vote, pulling 70% in the parts of the district that were heavy white populated. As I was watching the rest of the races I was disappointed to see Harry Reid win.

On the way home Lex told me she thought it was a good thing Harry won. I started to argue, but she cut me off at the pass saying, “Now we have something to remain energized about. Had we beat Reid and taken control of the Senate we TEA Party folks may have started to rest on our laurels.” Then she asked me a question, “Getting rid of who is our ultimate goal?”

It clicked. We are going to need to work harder these next two years than we did the past two. It’s going to take all we have to beat Obama and that should be our number one goal. The best way to stop him from destroying our country is to vote him out of office.  I’m sure all of you know he is taking 40 airplanes on his trip to Asia. He will spend $200 million a day on his trip. I tend to think that is a tad excessive.

The great thing is all the conservative Governors we elected. They control the power. They set up districts. When the Democrat Governors were in power they gerrymandered Districts so their liberal candidates could win. Case in point is my Representative. It’s time to reset Districts so in 2012 we will be able to get more wins.

I can take Harry Reid, because we now have enough Republicans to keep him from using the old 50 vote trick.  I implore you to keep the faith and revel in the great victory we had yesterday.  We got a major victory, don’t get greedy. There are more to come. We’ve just got started.

Will and Lady Lex


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