Gone For Now

Keith Olbermann is gone for now.

I never watch Keith Olbermann, but I’ll miss DC Caller jumping on him. He is so typical of the radical left. He has spit out bile for years. Now he has been suspended indefinitely from his job without pay. Seems he felt it was okay for him to give money to Democrat candidates while cutting Republicans to shreds.

I saw where Nancy Pelosi says she will be running for minority leadership. You have to give it to her, she has boldness. If women didn’t read my blog I have another word that would fit.  After getting her wrinkled rear kicked she is back for more.

John Kerry who served in Vietnam has still not paid his yacht taxes. And he called TEA Party people crazy. At least we are not tax cheats.

Finally the Pentagon has put out a statement they are not sending 34 war ships to protect the president. They won’t say how many. Probably 33???  No one has denied the 40 airplanes he is using for the trip.

We hit a small snag on the land trade. Mostly lawyer stuff. If there was no problem then they make no money. You can always expect problems when a few million dollars is involved. I think it’s in Lawyers’ DNA.  Don’t think it’s anything we can’t overcome. Lex and I are turning it over to our higher power. We will be happy either way.

Do not think the victory is won now the election is over. This is the first quarter of a tight football game. We scored a couple of quick touchdowns, but the left will make a come back. Soros won’t throw up his hands. I suspect the Obama camp will, but not the heart of the left. Evidently they will have to do it without Hillary Clinton. She said this week she will not run in 2012 and 2016.  She will be way too old to run in 2020.  I frankly think she would be too old to run in 2016.  If you have seen her lately the lady has aged. She is starting to look like Bill’s mother.

Thank you for standing with me. Your support is so important.

Will and Lady Lex


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