Going to the Dogs

Thanks to one of my readers from the far north for this cartoon.

It’s now being reported that Al Quadi has turned to dogs for blowing up airplanes. The French discovered two dead dogs on flights to the United States. The dogs had been cut open and bombs implanted inside. Whoever did the inserting of the bombs was obviously not a veterinarian, the dogs died. Up to now we have escaped planes being blown up because the terrorists are such bad bomb makers. Look at the diaper bomber or the guy in New York City. The diaper bomber couldn’t successfully detonate his underwear. The guy in New York City got mixed up on AM and PM. His clock was set to go off at 6:30 AM instead of in the evening. Only because of their incompetence and the Grace of God we haven’t had a lot of people killed. Nothing done by our government prevented either of those guys.

This last rash of mail bombs were not designed well enough for them to be effective.  I believe it’s only a matter of time before the terrorists succeed.

So far the terrorists are hitting cities in the northeast. Sooner or later some of them will realize places like the Austin music scene or some big event in San Francisco will get the same frightening results as NYC.

Lex and I feel we are safe from a terrorist attack living down here on the ranch or on the new one near Santa Fe. I’m not worried for us, but I am for our nation. With the economy on the rocks a big blast in a major area would do great damage.

On a positive note, the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner says he will fly on commercial airlines back to his home district. This means even if Nancy wins a minority leadership role she will have to fly commercial. Boehner won’t allow her a private jet.  Poor Nancy will have to use her own plane if she wants to avoid the body scan at the airports.  My heart goes out to the person doing the body scan on her wrinkled body.

Will and Lady Lex


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