Canadian View

Pat from NC sent this image.  It’s the view of Mount Rushmore from Canada.


Things are falling into place.  Nancy Pelosi is back in a leadership role.  This lets you know just out of touch with the people the Democrats are. She has a 6% approval rating and the last time I checked that was dropping. This is perfect.  With Nancy and  Harry back in front of the Nation there will be no disbanding of the TEA Party.  I think these two will give us an incentive to work harder these next two years than we did the first two.  Now we understand their dirty tricks and paid Union helpers.

I suggest we write Nancy and Harry thank you notes for making sure Mr. Obama is one and done. They will be the driving force for us to get out the vote in 2012.

Texas State Representative Berman has introduced a bill requiring any presidential candidate to provide a real birth certificate. They will not accept those done on a computer. If Texas passes this and Rick signs it into law we will finally get the answer. The presidency could be won by skipping Arizona, but not by conceding all of Texas.

Finally in response to Mr. Obama saying, “Seems some people in DC talk about me like I’m a dog.”

Fred Thompson had the best reply, “Maybe it’s because he keeps treating this country like a fire hydrant.”

Have a great evening.  Will and Lady Lex


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