The Democrats are Cooked

Just too good not to post. You know the Democrats are toast with this man as their leader.

My favorite lefty, a college student, took umbrage with me saying Obama had to be on the Texas Presidential ticket to win. I stand by that. It’s not the electoral votes he would lose in Texas but the flood of states demanding he show them a real birth certificate, not the computer generated one he is using. Does anyone seriously think there would not be an outcry heard around the world if Mr. Obama was not able to show Texas and Arizona a real, hospital granted, long-form birth certificate?  He doesn’t have to get the Texas electoral votes, but he does have to get approved to run in this state.  If he failed to show proof in Texas, dozens of states, including Florida and Virginia would stop him being on their ballot.  He could still get California, New York and probably Vermont, but that’s about it.You know Oklahoma and the new governor in New Mexico would follow Texas. Do you seriously think Bobby Jindal and Haley Barber wouldn’t demand the same thing?  He would be toast. In fact he already is toast. He is the nearest thing to a one and done president of anyone in the last 100 years.  Jimmy Carter had a better chance at this time in his presidency.

Frankly I don’t have a clue where he was born and neither do the majority of Americans. What brought this about was my comment saying Texas is going to vote on making Presidential candidates show a certified birth certificate in order to get on our ballot.

The Democrats are in panic mode. They know Mr. Obama is destroying the party and they don’t know how to stop him. Now that President Bush is doing his book tour the people are seeing what a president should act like. Bush has not said a rash word against Mr. Obama, it’s destroying Barack’s image. The book tour has come at a bad time for the current administration. Florida Senator Bill Nelson said that Obama is toxic for the Democrat Party. David Horwitz said today, “the Democrats will go the way of the Whigs.” They can thank  Barney, Nancy, Harry and Mr. Obama for their demise.

Lady Lex and I had planned to do some serious traveling once we get moved, but now with this airline stuff she is concerned about flying. She doesn’t want some lesbian feeling her crouch or fondling her breasts. I darn sure don’t want some homosexual getting his kicks feeling my butt or rubbing my private parts. I don’t mind them imaging my body, but Lex does. She doesn’t want her nude body to show up some day on Wikinudes. You know some one will get the images and link them to the Web. It’s just a matter of time.

Will and Lady Lex


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