Problem Solved

Cunard has a ‘Round the World’ package. This way we won’t have to be molested in an airport.

Some of the folks at church just returned from a cruise to Alaska and were raving about their trip. I’ve been on several cruises years ago, but Lex has never been on one. On the way home she asked, “What about us going around the world on a cruise ship?”

She got my mind turning so I asked her to see what she could find. Trust that woman to come up with something expensive. She is working with Cunard Lines about a 108 day cruise. The cruise would leave Los Angeles and end up in Fort Lauderdale.  I cannot begin to tell you the Ports-of-call, but she is able to pick and choose.  She has spent hours on the phone with the booking agent. We supply them our passports and they will get the visas for all the countries we will need them for. I do know the first stop is a week in the Fuji Islands. Ooops, Lex just said we would stop in Hawaii and then Fuji.  I knew better than to try and tell you where all we will travel.

Her mom and dad have agreed to drive us to California and pick us up in Florida. This way we never get molested in an airport. On ships you only get scanned by hand for guns. We’ve made a vow to each other to exercise daily. It’s very easy to get FAT on a cruise ship. For those of you who have never been on one, there are tons of food from early morning until the midnight buffet.  No place in the world serves better desserts than on a cruise ship and Cunard is the cream on the top of all cruises.  I don’t dare tell you how much the cruise will cost. Way too much, but I look at it as a honeymoon to remember.

The land swap is looking very strong. With the possibility of this long cruise I’m not going to move any cattle to New Mexico.  We will buy a starter herd once we are back and can care for them.

This place has never been the same since I lost the twins  (the men who worked for me for you newcomers).

Will and Traveling Lex


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