Travel Bug

How to deal with the TSA.

Several of you gave me great travel tips and a few said I’d be missed. Lex is looking at some small, lightweight laptops. They have some wonderful 10″ but my fingers are too big for those little keyboards. She told me about a larger, paperweight laptop. It’s a tad expensive, but sure would be nice on the trip. If I heard her right it’s a 15″ screen and weighs 2.5 pounds. It’s our understanding the ship will be wireless almost everywhere we travel. If so I can still blog. I just won’t receive emails and deal with that kind of stuff.

She is working on a special price for a suite with a balcony. On cruises a balcony is a must. You can have your coffee on your deck in your robe and watch the world sail past.

I don’t know if I told you, I hired a guy with a bulldozer to dig me a deep hole. I then shoved the tractor my man died on into it and had the hole covered. I asked the local marble guy to make me a marker to put on the mound. I want people years from now to know a good man was killed on this spot.  I can’t pass that spot and not shed some tears. Those two men meant a lot to me.  I was able to tell both of them how much I loved them before they went home. Call me a sissy, but where I come from men do cry.

I’m too upset at the government to write what I feel. How dare our own government sexually molest thousands of its citizens when they fly. Now I understand Muslim women are exempt from pat downs or naked scans. I have one question. When is the last time a non-Muslim tried to blow up an airplane? The answer is NEVER.  Does our government not realize we now have women suicide bombers?  By Christmas you can expect a Muslim woman or women to begin blowing up airplanes. No scanning, no pat downs. They are free to bomb away.

Will and Traveling Lex


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