We at the Cooper Ranch want you all to have a wonderful, stress free Thanksgiving.  Lex and I are going to drive to Dallas tonight and go to the Dallas Cowboys game tomorrow. Actually Lex is packing her stuff while I write this blog.  I purchased four seats so her mom and dad can join us. I got a deal with the Cowboy Stadium where they serve us Thanksgiving dinner at halftime. I’ve never eaten dinner in a football stadium. This is a first.

I was thinking today as I was plowing some stubble under how much Obama has changed our country. I never thought there would be a day when Americans were afraid to fly, because a government agent was going to be fondling their private parts. The insanity of making an autistic 5-year-old take off his shirt to be subjected to a full body pat down is un-American. There are so many horrible stories of pat down abuse I’ve stopped reading them. I am powerless to stop that foolishness.

The only people who have tried to blow up any airplanes are Muslim. Why is the government missing the key to the solution? Profile Muslims and you have a great chance of preventing any disaster. Grandma Moses is not apt to suddenly turn into a killer.  If I keep on my blood pressure will go through the roof.

May Christ Bless you and yours, Will and Lady Lex


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