Will IT be Sarah?

Sarah is doing a book tour in Iowa and New Hampshire.  Do you think that means she is going to run?

I don’t know if her show Alaska is hurting or helping.  Lex and I have enjoyed seeing the show.  I had no idea how large halibut are or how they were harvested. I assumed they were caught in a net.  Loved seeing her shoot.  This proved to me she was not just hot air about hunting.  When her turn came to whack the halibut she didn’t hesitate.

I keep coming back to the same question. What Republican can beat her if she starts to campaign?  Even though George Sr and Barbara Bush told her to stay in Alaska and that they are behind Milt means nothing. Sarah called them what they are, Blue-Bloods. George W. has a connection with the common man but Milt and George Sr are Kennebunk Port folks. They know nothing of our struggles. You can’t be Governor of Texas and be an elitist.  We elect ranchers, farmers and country girls like Ann Richards. Rick Perry was a farmer and Texas A&M Yell Leader. Bush a baseball team owner.

I think we will know who is in the race by the first of the year. Mr. Obama has already started running. The truth of the matter is he never stopped.

By the way, we dodged a freeze last night, so I still have a nice supply of homegrown tomatoes. I raised enough this year to share with my neighbors. When the grasshoppers struck I used Ortho Max. No organic stuff for me. I wanted something to kill those pesky creatures.  I got big red tomatoes to prove how well it and Miracle Gro Tomato food works.

I’m having second thoughts, it was 7 degrees in Santa Fe last night.  Lex said,  “That is what cruises are for.”

Will and Lex


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