Would you Believe?

We do have the best military in the world.

Would you believe Commander In Chief, Barack H. Obama failed to salute the young man who he hung the Medal of Honor on?  That’s correct, when the president honored Staff Sargent Salvatore Giunta with the Medal of Honor he dismissed the young hero without giving him the customary salute.  Even Bill Clinton would have saluted the young hero. I believe our president has zero respect for the brave young men and women who serve this country with such honor.  I get the feeling the president wouldn’t even salute the officers when he gets off Air Force One or Marine One if there were no cameras.  He does everything for the cameras. He simply forgot when he was hanging the medal around the hero’s neck.

I will have some left apologist make up excuses for the president, but for me there are none. He is the Commander-in-Chief. It’s expected of him to salute the Medal of Honor recipient.

We have to live with Mr. Obama for two more years. Let’s make the best of it, then make sure he is one and done. We cannot let down now. The job is not finished until we vote in a conservative president.

Will and Lady Lex


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