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December 31, 2010

We call it home.


Mercy it’s cold up here. I think it got up to 19 degrees today.  I had to let Bandit sleep in the garage. That dog has never been this cold.  The deal is done and we have about 80% of the stuff moved.  Tomorrow is inauguration day and Santa Fe is packed.  Lucky for me, Lex had enough brains to make us a cafe reservation tonight and tomorrow night or we might have starved out here in the sticks.  Just wanted you all to know you are loved and we miss chatting.  Will and Lex


Twas 2 Days ’till Christmas

December 23, 2010

Thanks to one of my readers for this great cartoon.

I don’t know if it’s ever been this hectic. Even though we hired a new man he still doesn’t know what to do. I really miss the twins. Lex has a friend who came over to help her finish cleaning out stuff to give to charity.  I didn’t realize I had so many saddles and a lot of tack I’ll never use.  The girls found a charity that gives horse rides to sick children. Even though the saddles were adult size they were thrilled to get them. Finally, I think we are ready for the movers.

Lex’s parents are coming down for Christmas. Lex and I will let them sleep in our bed and we will use a make shift bed in one of the extra bedrooms. They are due here tomorrow (Friday) so her mother can cook Christmas dinner.

We hope to move between Christmas and the New Year.  Friends from Santa Fe have planned a New Year’s party for us. In our case it will definitely be out with the old and in with the new.

Like all of you reasonable people we are sick at all the ‘stuff’ rammed through in the lame duck session. Now Harry Reid wants to do away with the filibuster. January 5th can’t get here fast enough.

Merry Christmas and love from the great state of Texas, Will and Lovely Lex

Stopping Illegal Aliens

December 20, 2010

It’s been a rough year. Let’s improve 2011.

This is blog 500. A lot of huntin’ and peckin’ for an old broken down cowboy.

Dallas, Texas recently passed the perfect illegal immigration law. They passed an ordinance that if you are pulled over by law enforcement and are not able to show proof of insurance, your car/truck will be towed to the storage. This happens immediately.

To get your car/truck back after being impounded, you must have proof of a valid, current insurance. This means the City of Dallas, Texas can remove uninsured vehicles that are typically driven by illegals.

Nine days after Dallas started implementing the new law the impounding lots were full. The vast majority of vehicles taken were from illegals. Not only must they show proof of insurance to have the car/truck released, but they will pay a $350 fine, the cost of towing and $20 a day for storage, every day the car/truck is impounded.

As a Christmas gift to Texas I hope Governor Rick Perry and the Republicans in the House and Senate makes this a state law. The great thing about this law, it’s getting drivers with no insurance off the road and encourages the illegals to go home or to Washington D. C.

Merry Christmas.  Don’t send me Xmas notes. I chewed a guys butt out this morning for leaving Christ out of Christmas.  He died for our sins, at least we can acknowledge Him in our writing.

One of the liberal reporters apologized for saying she went to a Christmas Party. This is how sick the liberals are.

Will and Lady Lex

This is why the country can’t move forward with the Democrats in control.

Horrible News

December 16, 2010

Jay, from the frozen north, sent me this cartoon. I just had to publish it.

I had not planned to blog, but after seeing the news I felt the need to share the numbers with you. 30,196 people have been murdered in Mexico in the past four years. That is people we know of.  Only the Lord knows how many mass graves we will eventually find. I’m still angry that our president gave the lectern to Felipe Calderon so he could lecture us about how to conduct our business.

According to only 29% think Mr. Obama will be elected for a 2nd term. I wonder where they found the 29%. I guess there are still that many Kool-aid drinkers floating around. I can’t find anyone who will vote for him.

This is blog 499…  Will and Lady Lex

Getting Close to Moving

December 15, 2010

Sorry I have not had time to blog.  I want to Thank Tim for the photo of two male Marines kissing.   I tried to upload the image, but I was blocked.  Frankly the image turned my stomach. They were lip-locked in uniform. Now Harry Reid is trying to push through the Senate a bill that permits gays in the military.  President Jimmy Carter said it’s time we elected a gay president. Thanks Jimmy, you just moved ahead of Mr. Obama and I didn’t think that was possible. There are a lot of soldiers who don’t want two men kissing in the fox hole next to them.  Or hear them having sex in the middle of the night. I just wished we had worked harder for Sharron Angle. Lex and I gave to her several times. We should have given more.

Lex and I are beginning to pack. Lord ‘O Mercy, I never realized I had so much stuff.  I have minimal furniture and that kind of stuff but my closets are filled. I don’t know when was the last time I made a Goodwill run.  Lex took seven boxes of our old clothes to Goodwill in Corpus Christi.  I think we will end up with several more boxes. Lots of our clothes were new. She took dresses and shoes she had never worn, I had one brand new winter jacket I bought a few years ago then it was one of those extra warm winters. I’m overloaded with guns. I didn’t realize how many guns I owned until we started digging through the closets. Lex will keep her hand gun. I’ll keep my shotgun, rifle and old World War II handgun. I took seven guns to the little local gun shop and asked him to sell them for me.

Lex wants to trap a few barn cats and take them with us to New Mexico. I purchased a few animal carriers and an animal trap this week. Am I hen-pecked or what?

I was riding on the backside of the property and came upon the spot my man was killed. Folks, I’m ready to move away from this pain.  I lost two very good men. I want to enjoy my marriage and not be constantly reminded I was the one to suggest the twin take the old tractor.

I may not get to blog much before Christmas. Our plans are to be moved before the first of the year. I’ve already sold all the cattle I didn’t sell to the new owners.  I got lucky, the cattle company check to me cleared. This week a large cattle company gave out several million dollars worth of bad checks. One cattle man lost $175,000. The cattle company is going bankrupt. We work our butts off, then companies fold and take our money.  I lost nothing, but I know others who did.

Pam of North Carolina asked me to blog on the 6,000 plus pork bill Harry Reid tossed on us. We are powerless to stop this mess. Harry and Nancy are in control until Jan. 4.  I have a knot in the pit of my belly. Late last night I turned this over to God.  He is the only one who has the power to stop this insanity. It’s too late to do anything. Harry won’t be up for re-election for 6 years.  Some of the Republicans who will vote for the bill have already been voted out.

Friends, I will miss blogging, but right now my time is taken up with getting this deal done.  Lex is working on the cruise and if she can work it out we will be gone a lot next year. You all will be on my heart and in my prayers.  I love you good people. You have been a rock for me these past few years.  Although I’ve never met any of you, I still count you as dear friends.  God graced me when you came into my life.  I was a little long-winded tonight. I know this is my last message for a while.

May the Living Christ grant you a wonderful Christmas and we wish you a successful New Year.  Will and Moving Lex

Obama Outsourced the Presidency

December 10, 2010

I learned today Mr. Obama is for the flat tax. Above is his plan.

Today Mr. Obama turned the podium over to former President Bill Clinton. I’ve never seen a president outsource the office before. Mr. Obama pulled Bill Clinton in to save the Bush tax cut extension deal from failing.  Right after Mr. Clinton began speaking, Obama left, saying he had a party to attend.  This is not the first time for Obama. He turned the podium over to Mexican President Caldron so he could tell us what all is wrong with United States.  Caldron ignored he has had over 10,000 people murdered in the drug wars since he took office.

The bill has turned into a pork mess. They have stuck in more money for ethanol.  Even Al Gore admitted ethanol was a mistake. It’s time we stopped the pork.  Harry Reid has filled the bill with all sorts of stuff. The Republicans are calling for an up and down vote, but with Nancy and Harry still in charge it ain’t goin’ to happen.  I think we need to kill this puppy and after the first of the year start with a new litter.

I’m getting this short blog posted.  Lex and I are going to see the San Antonio Spurs and Atlanta Hawks.  It will be a tight game. I’m setting this to go on about 7:15 pm Texas time. We will be well on our way by then.  Looking forward to a giant bag of hot popcorn, tall soda and at half time some nachos and a bag of  roasted peanuts.  I do pig out at the games.

Will and Lady Lex

Obama is Great For America

December 7, 2010

Looks like Mr. Cool is going gray. When the praises stopped his hair began to turn.

Hear me out for a minute or so. No other Democrat President could have spurred We the People to action like Mr. Obama. We would have grumbled if Hillary had won but there would be no TEA Party to change Washington. Howard Dean would not have generated such fear as we see now with Mr. Obama in charge.  I’ve talked to several I know voted for him.  Now they are saying it was a mistake or that they didn’t do it.  One lied to my face today at the feed store. He swore he voted for McCain. I smiled and asked, “Then why do you still have that Obama sticker on the bumper of your pickup truck?”

He turned red in the face and stammered, “My wife, she voted for that #?XO&!.”

The feed store owner chipped in. “George, I still have the Obama flyer you gave me way back when it was between him and Hillary.”

He tried to escape by saying he changed his mind and voted for McCain at the last-minute.

I would hate to be a liberal. They stuck us with a president who is making Jimmy Carter look bright.  When you go to bed tonight be thankful that the liberals are dumb enough to have helped this guy be president.  I’m also thankful that Nancy and Harry are still in power for the Democrats. They are reminders for us to work harder and give more money to good conservative people in two years.  Mr. Obama will be easy to defeat, I just want to gain more Senate seats and add to the House in 2012.

Having Mr. Obama as president is like a teen girl with braces. They are horrible while they are worn, but once off the smile is worth a million dollars.  Get your smile ready for 2012.

Will and Lady Lex

Random Thinking

December 6, 2010

I still find ads like this amazing. It’s no wonder why so many people became smoking addicts.

Mike Huckabee said, “If the United States wants to keep anything secret they need to put the information with Obama’s College Papers and his Birth Certificate.”

A minister friend wrote, “Will, have you ever thought no one speaks of Christ as the late Jesus.”  The reason is we who believe know Him to be the Living Christ and not some dead person long gone.  He lives and therefore cannot be” the late” Jesus.

This month in South Los Angeles a four-plex burned.  A Nigerian family of six con-artists died in the flames. A group of Muslim extremists here illegally died on the third floor. Three Mexican gang-bangers perished on the second floor.

Two white couples on the top floor were not injured.  Jessee Jackson and Reverend Sharpton demanded the police chief be fired.  He held a news conference and took questions. Reverend Sharpton demanded to know why the whites were saved and not the people of color.

The fire chief replied, “The whites were at work.”

Looks like we may get the two year extension on the Bush tax cuts. That will do wonders for our economy.

One more thing. The folks who hit the road in those big motor coaches are out driving again. Another great sign. The November election is already starting to show progress. Just think what we can do in two more years. (smile)

Will and Lady Lex

7000 Miles

December 5, 2010

Our flag being trampled by Illegal Aliens in downtown Phoenix. Thank you Mr. Obama

President Obama just traveled 7000 miles to avoid being here when the unemployed numbers came out. He left Joe Biden to face the music of 9.8% unemployment. He travels to Afghanistan to speak with president Karzai for 15 minutes on the telephone.  He didn’t even see their president in person.

That is bad enough, but he really screwed up. He was addressing the military and forgot to mentioned the Coast Guard.  One of them told him he forgot them. He mumbled Coast Guard as if to question the person shouting.

Even the extreme left are beginning to see what we have known all along.  President Obama has zero leadership skills. No one can blame him for that, he has never been in a leadership role unless you count his time as a Community Organizer. May the hand of God stay over our country. Two more years is a mighty long time.

Think of the waste for a four-hour visit to Afghanistan and 7,000 miles on Air Force One. The bad news is it was to be a secret flight, but all of Afghanistan knew he was coming. The other bases were aware.  Security under Mr. Obama is at the bottom of the ladder. It has never been this bad. Maybe that is why he limited his brief visit to one Air Force hanger.

Join me in praying he doesn’t get harmed. Our country couldn’t stand the blow.  We need him safe until November 2012 and then we will vote him out.

What a mess we have in Washington. The Democrats are refusing to put the bill before Congress to provide tax relief to all Americans. They are trying to make it look like the Republicans are for the mega rich.  The Republicans know this is not the time to raise taxes on anyone. Especially those who make jobs.

Will and Lady Lex

Black Friday

December 1, 2010

I was watching some television examples of Black Friday. Has our Nation gone insane? People are trampled to death to buy a $199 laptop or the latest hot, “have to have” toy. There were fist fights, one woman brought a gun.  Another was beaten up because she cut in line. I saw a mother and daughter who had their stores on their Blackberries so they could maneuver through the mall easier.  Looking at the people you could tell they were maxing out their credit cards to give gifts they couldn’t afford.

The lady who cleans our home has two teen kids. I gave her a $100 bonus and told her to spend it on things for her kids, but explain to them she doesn’t have any money. Most of the houses she was cleaning have either started doing the job themselves or are getting someone cheaper. I know she can barely feed her kids. The ex-husband seldom pays child support. I would bet my boots, my best boots if that girl had the money she would have been one of them at the store at 4AM to get some special things her kids want. I tried to explain her kids will love her more if she is honest with them.  One year I got a used bike, another I got a used .22 when I turned 9.  Mother made me some new shirts one year and when I turned 12 I got a pair of Acme boots. My feet out grew the boots and the following year my mother gave them to a needy family. We were dirt poor, but she never saw us as needy. God help our Nation. People are insane, I have no other explanation for the dash for stuff.

One of my sweet readers jumped my bones for recommending Wal-Mart, because so much of their stuff is from China.  I wonder what stores are not selling most of their merchandise of things made in China. Is it Sears, No.  K-Mart, No.  Radio Shack, No. Even my HEB grocery imports a lot of their veggies and fruit. Their shelves are stocked with stuff from all over the world. They are Texas owned, but to compete with Wal-Mart Grocery they have to do what they do.  I don’t know of any major stores that don’t sell imports. The world is too competitive to stay open without buying from China.

I’m so old-fashioned, I still believe in living within your means.  Will and Lady Lex