Black Friday

I was watching some television examples of Black Friday. Has our Nation gone insane? People are trampled to death to buy a $199 laptop or the latest hot, “have to have” toy. There were fist fights, one woman brought a gun.  Another was beaten up because she cut in line. I saw a mother and daughter who had their stores on their Blackberries so they could maneuver through the mall easier.  Looking at the people you could tell they were maxing out their credit cards to give gifts they couldn’t afford.

The lady who cleans our home has two teen kids. I gave her a $100 bonus and told her to spend it on things for her kids, but explain to them she doesn’t have any money. Most of the houses she was cleaning have either started doing the job themselves or are getting someone cheaper. I know she can barely feed her kids. The ex-husband seldom pays child support. I would bet my boots, my best boots if that girl had the money she would have been one of them at the store at 4AM to get some special things her kids want. I tried to explain her kids will love her more if she is honest with them.  One year I got a used bike, another I got a used .22 when I turned 9.  Mother made me some new shirts one year and when I turned 12 I got a pair of Acme boots. My feet out grew the boots and the following year my mother gave them to a needy family. We were dirt poor, but she never saw us as needy. God help our Nation. People are insane, I have no other explanation for the dash for stuff.

One of my sweet readers jumped my bones for recommending Wal-Mart, because so much of their stuff is from China.  I wonder what stores are not selling most of their merchandise of things made in China. Is it Sears, No.  K-Mart, No.  Radio Shack, No. Even my HEB grocery imports a lot of their veggies and fruit. Their shelves are stocked with stuff from all over the world. They are Texas owned, but to compete with Wal-Mart Grocery they have to do what they do.  I don’t know of any major stores that don’t sell imports. The world is too competitive to stay open without buying from China.

I’m so old-fashioned, I still believe in living within your means.  Will and Lady Lex


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