7000 Miles

Our flag being trampled by Illegal Aliens in downtown Phoenix. Thank you Mr. Obama

President Obama just traveled 7000 miles to avoid being here when the unemployed numbers came out. He left Joe Biden to face the music of 9.8% unemployment. He travels to Afghanistan to speak with president Karzai for 15 minutes on the telephone.  He didn’t even see their president in person.

That is bad enough, but he really screwed up. He was addressing the military and forgot to mentioned the Coast Guard.  One of them told him he forgot them. He mumbled Coast Guard as if to question the person shouting.

Even the extreme left are beginning to see what we have known all along.  President Obama has zero leadership skills. No one can blame him for that, he has never been in a leadership role unless you count his time as a Community Organizer. May the hand of God stay over our country. Two more years is a mighty long time.

Think of the waste for a four-hour visit to Afghanistan and 7,000 miles on Air Force One. The bad news is it was to be a secret flight, but all of Afghanistan knew he was coming. The other bases were aware.  Security under Mr. Obama is at the bottom of the ladder. It has never been this bad. Maybe that is why he limited his brief visit to one Air Force hanger.

Join me in praying he doesn’t get harmed. Our country couldn’t stand the blow.  We need him safe until November 2012 and then we will vote him out.

What a mess we have in Washington. The Democrats are refusing to put the bill before Congress to provide tax relief to all Americans. They are trying to make it look like the Republicans are for the mega rich.  The Republicans know this is not the time to raise taxes on anyone. Especially those who make jobs.

Will and Lady Lex


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