Random Thinking

I still find ads like this amazing. It’s no wonder why so many people became smoking addicts.

Mike Huckabee said, “If the United States wants to keep anything secret they need to put the information with Obama’s College Papers and his Birth Certificate.”

A minister friend wrote, “Will, have you ever thought no one speaks of Christ as the late Jesus.”  The reason is we who believe know Him to be the Living Christ and not some dead person long gone.  He lives and therefore cannot be” the late” Jesus.

This month in South Los Angeles a four-plex burned.  A Nigerian family of six con-artists died in the flames. A group of Muslim extremists here illegally died on the third floor. Three Mexican gang-bangers perished on the second floor.

Two white couples on the top floor were not injured.  Jessee Jackson and Reverend Sharpton demanded the police chief be fired.  He held a news conference and took questions. Reverend Sharpton demanded to know why the whites were saved and not the people of color.

The fire chief replied, “The whites were at work.”

Looks like we may get the two year extension on the Bush tax cuts. That will do wonders for our economy.

One more thing. The folks who hit the road in those big motor coaches are out driving again. Another great sign. The November election is already starting to show progress. Just think what we can do in two more years. (smile)

Will and Lady Lex


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