Obama is Great For America

Looks like Mr. Cool is going gray. When the praises stopped his hair began to turn.

Hear me out for a minute or so. No other Democrat President could have spurred We the People to action like Mr. Obama. We would have grumbled if Hillary had won but there would be no TEA Party to change Washington. Howard Dean would not have generated such fear as we see now with Mr. Obama in charge.  I’ve talked to several I know voted for him.  Now they are saying it was a mistake or that they didn’t do it.  One lied to my face today at the feed store. He swore he voted for McCain. I smiled and asked, “Then why do you still have that Obama sticker on the bumper of your pickup truck?”

He turned red in the face and stammered, “My wife, she voted for that #?XO&!.”

The feed store owner chipped in. “George, I still have the Obama flyer you gave me way back when it was between him and Hillary.”

He tried to escape by saying he changed his mind and voted for McCain at the last-minute.

I would hate to be a liberal. They stuck us with a president who is making Jimmy Carter look bright.  When you go to bed tonight be thankful that the liberals are dumb enough to have helped this guy be president.  I’m also thankful that Nancy and Harry are still in power for the Democrats. They are reminders for us to work harder and give more money to good conservative people in two years.  Mr. Obama will be easy to defeat, I just want to gain more Senate seats and add to the House in 2012.

Having Mr. Obama as president is like a teen girl with braces. They are horrible while they are worn, but once off the smile is worth a million dollars.  Get your smile ready for 2012.

Will and Lady Lex


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