Getting Close to Moving

Sorry I have not had time to blog.  I want to Thank Tim for the photo of two male Marines kissing.   I tried to upload the image, but I was blocked.  Frankly the image turned my stomach. They were lip-locked in uniform. Now Harry Reid is trying to push through the Senate a bill that permits gays in the military.  President Jimmy Carter said it’s time we elected a gay president. Thanks Jimmy, you just moved ahead of Mr. Obama and I didn’t think that was possible. There are a lot of soldiers who don’t want two men kissing in the fox hole next to them.  Or hear them having sex in the middle of the night. I just wished we had worked harder for Sharron Angle. Lex and I gave to her several times. We should have given more.

Lex and I are beginning to pack. Lord ‘O Mercy, I never realized I had so much stuff.  I have minimal furniture and that kind of stuff but my closets are filled. I don’t know when was the last time I made a Goodwill run.  Lex took seven boxes of our old clothes to Goodwill in Corpus Christi.  I think we will end up with several more boxes. Lots of our clothes were new. She took dresses and shoes she had never worn, I had one brand new winter jacket I bought a few years ago then it was one of those extra warm winters. I’m overloaded with guns. I didn’t realize how many guns I owned until we started digging through the closets. Lex will keep her hand gun. I’ll keep my shotgun, rifle and old World War II handgun. I took seven guns to the little local gun shop and asked him to sell them for me.

Lex wants to trap a few barn cats and take them with us to New Mexico. I purchased a few animal carriers and an animal trap this week. Am I hen-pecked or what?

I was riding on the backside of the property and came upon the spot my man was killed. Folks, I’m ready to move away from this pain.  I lost two very good men. I want to enjoy my marriage and not be constantly reminded I was the one to suggest the twin take the old tractor.

I may not get to blog much before Christmas. Our plans are to be moved before the first of the year. I’ve already sold all the cattle I didn’t sell to the new owners.  I got lucky, the cattle company check to me cleared. This week a large cattle company gave out several million dollars worth of bad checks. One cattle man lost $175,000. The cattle company is going bankrupt. We work our butts off, then companies fold and take our money.  I lost nothing, but I know others who did.

Pam of North Carolina asked me to blog on the 6,000 plus pork bill Harry Reid tossed on us. We are powerless to stop this mess. Harry and Nancy are in control until Jan. 4.  I have a knot in the pit of my belly. Late last night I turned this over to God.  He is the only one who has the power to stop this insanity. It’s too late to do anything. Harry won’t be up for re-election for 6 years.  Some of the Republicans who will vote for the bill have already been voted out.

Friends, I will miss blogging, but right now my time is taken up with getting this deal done.  Lex is working on the cruise and if she can work it out we will be gone a lot next year. You all will be on my heart and in my prayers.  I love you good people. You have been a rock for me these past few years.  Although I’ve never met any of you, I still count you as dear friends.  God graced me when you came into my life.  I was a little long-winded tonight. I know this is my last message for a while.

May the Living Christ grant you a wonderful Christmas and we wish you a successful New Year.  Will and Moving Lex


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