Eating Right

It’s a case of  “do as I say, not as I do.” What hypocrites the Obamas are.

It’s okay for the first family to pig out on junk food, but we “the serfs” are supposed to shun such unhealthy eating.  I will admit I pigged out last night. The cafe we went to had a dessert with a crust made of pinion nuts filled with caramel and ice cream, topped with a cinnamon concoction. The crusty bowl was like a waffle.  Hard to explain for a non cook. I was warned before we went the dessert was a killer. Nevertheless I pigged out. That skinny Lex ate even more and she won’t gain an ounce. A warning to you visiting Santa Fe. When they say mild chili, they mean “burn your tongue off” hot. Everything they cook is filled with chili and even hotter spices.  I may end up just eating burgers. That seems to be the only safe food.

I think we are going to like it up here.  It’s odd to be able to look out for about forty miles. Back home my place was flat land with just a few small hills. Poor Bandit is finding all sorts of new critters to inspect. I realize it’s too cold for him to be left outside.  I had a handyman install a small dogie door into the garage.

Sold all my cattle. We are going to raise Texas Longhorns up here.  After we return from our trip I’ll start building a herd.

We’ve got a lot of boxes to empty.  Will and Lady Lex


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